Meet Your Faculty Members

Walden faculty members focus on your success. Our faculty members are scholars, researchers, and distinguished leaders who are selected for their academic and industry credentials as well as for their teaching abilities. They have a broad range of experiential and cultural backgrounds and excel at integrating their expertise into the classroom.

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Doctoral Student Faculty Support

You can collaborate with faculty to choose your research area. Walden faculty will help you formulate your questions, find answers, and apply what you’ve learned to your field. As a PhD student, you can benefit from faculty as:

  • Mentors
    You will partner with a faculty mentor who shares your research interests and will support you through the dissertation process. This mentor will provide you with expert advice, including defining learning objectives, recommending relevant resources, and evaluating your work.
  • Assessors
    You will also have the opportunity to work with additional faculty members whose expertise matches your specific research area. They will work in collaboration with your faculty mentor to provide you with diverse perspectives, resulting in a more comprehensive learning experience.
  • Dissertation Partners
    Your dissertation committee will be composed of faculty members you select for their expertise related to your research topic. Led by the dissertation committee chairperson, the committee members will guide you through your dissertation proposal, research and analysis, and final oral presentation.

Learn more about what it’s like to learn from leading faculty. Request information or call 1-866-492-5336 in the United States or see a list of international phone numbers.


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