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Online Learning

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We’ve combined flexibility that fits your busy life with a vibrant community that enriches your learning. It’s the best of both worlds.

A Student-Centered Approach to Learning

As an online student at Walden, you have the opportunity to connect with students and faculty from diverse locations and backgrounds . This leads to an energetic exchange of ideas, opinions, perspectives, and experiences.

Our learning model encourages a deeper level of student discussion and immersive conversations that engage everyone in your online classroom. By collaborating with professionals from different fields and cultural experiences, you’ll gain a broad range of perspectives and best practices you can apply to drive change in your own organization and community.

Flexible Scheduling

Our online learning model is designed to fit your busy schedule. This means you can participate in classes on a weekly basis, whenever it's convenient for you.

Assessment and Evaluation

Tests are delivered online and are typically scored when you finish, which provides you with immediate feedback. Papers and projects are submitted through a drop box.

A Collegial Learning Environment

Broaden your perspectives by networking with faculty and classmates from across the United States—and potentially around the world.

Online Student Support

Our Student Support Team guides you through the online learning experience, including providing a Student Readiness Orientation to help you get ready for your first online course.

The Future of Education at Walden


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