EdS in Educational Leadership and Administration (Principal Licensure Preparation)

For educators who want to become principals or administrators, Walden University’s EdS in Educational Leadership and Administration program is designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills you need.*

Our curriculum is focused on preparing you to:

  • Understand and manage complex educational issues. 
  • Assess, improve, and provide quality instructional programs. 
  • Recruit, hire, and retain school personnel committed to improving student learning. 
  • Create a shared strategic vision. 
  • Encourage and inspire students, teachers, staff members, families, and the community to work together to provide a safe and secure learning environment.

This unique, scholar-practitioner educational leadership degree program is grounded in current research. The program is designed to provide students with opportunities to respond to case studies drawn from real life, participate in school leadership experiences, work side by side with principal mentors, and develop the ability to impact social change.

The EdS in Educational Leadership and Administration is approved for principal licensure in Minnesota and Ohio. Its curriculum is aligned with the standards of the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC), the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC), and the National Policy Board for Educational Administration (NPBEA).

Gain a general understanding of the guidelines and requirements of the principal preparation program with the Principal Candidate Guidebook (below). After you download the guidebook, please call 1-866-492-5336 to speak with your enrollment advisor for assistance in reviewing the information.

An Education Specialist degree, sometimes referred to as a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS), is ideal for educators who want to remain working in the field but who would like to increase their influence and impact on their learning communities.

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  • Grants and tuition reductions available.

  • Licensure Preparation & Endorsement Programs

    If your goal is to teach in a classroom or become a principal, Walden offers specific licensure and endorsement preparation programs designed to help you get there.If your goal is to teach in a classroom or become a principal, our specific licensure and endorsement preparation programs are designed to help. Learn More.

  • Dollar signReceive a $5,000 grant if you reside in the US and start this program on August 29, 2016. Contact one of our enrollment advisors to learn more.

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