International (Non-US) Students

Join our a global online community of adult learners and broaden your perspectives. Get the dedicated support your need to succeed.
Join our a global online community of adult learners and broaden your perspectives. Get the dedicated support your need to succeed.

Earn your degree online from an accredited U.S. university from anywhere in the world

Be part of a unique and diverse community of international students who share your passion for making a difference. No matter your time zone, our classrooms are always open. If you’re ready to break down barriers and brighten your future, we’re ready to help light the way.


Students from more than 115 countries1 learning online


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Whether you’ve decided on an online degree program or you’re still exploring your options, we’re here to help. Your Enrollment Specialist will answer your questions and guide you through the application and admissions process, step by step.

General Admission Requirements for International Students

Walden requires the following information to be considered for admission into any of its online degree programs. Admission requirements vary by program and degree level. You may need to supply additional information for certain programs and/or degrees. 

  • Official transcript(s) of highest degree or coursework completed to date

  • English proficiency test scores (if applicable)

  • Goal statement (select master’s and doctoral programs only)

  • Completed application

  • Current résumé, when applicable

  • Access to a computer and the Internet

Transcript Evaluation:

As an international applicant, you must have your transcript evaluated to determine the academic equivalency to U.S. educational standards. This may be done free of charge by Walden.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may be available to you as an international student. To learn more about your funding options, complete the request information form below. You can also find a toll-free telephone number  for your country and speak with one of our Enrollment Specialists today.

Our new International Student Finance Portal makes it easy to submit tuition payments from abroad. You can pay in your local currency (where available) using a variety of payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, and alternate payment methods local to many countries. The portal also gives you the ability to view your account balance, invoices, and processed payments.

International (Non-US) Student FAQ

Can I apply to a master’s degree program without a bachelor’s degree?

No. A bachelor’s degree or the equivalent is required for entrance into our master’s-level online degree programs.

Can I complete my PhD in one or two years?

Typically, a doctoral-level program takes longer than two years to complete.

Can you count my work experience toward a degree?

Work experience can be reviewed for bachelor’s-level programs. You may also be able to take an assessment in order to gain credit that can be applied toward your degree program.

Do I need my official transcripts to apply to Walden

Yes. We must have a copy of official transcripts from any institution you previously attended. These transcripts must be in English. Walden will evaluate your transcripts free of charge to determine the academic equivalency to U.S. educational standards. If you have any questions about obtaining your transcripts, please speak to an Enrollment Specialist.

Do you have an actual campus in the U.S.?

No, Walden University does not have a physical campus.

Do you offer sponsorship?

No, we do not offer sponsorship. However, tuition savings may be available to you as an international student.

Do your online degree programs require travel to the U.S.?

Typically, Walden does not require travel for our education programs. However, all doctoral-level programs require travel at least twice a year for face-to-face residencies.

Have students from my country studied with your university?

It’s very likely! We have more than 52,000 students from 120 countries learning online at Walden.

How long does it take to complete a PhD or master’s program?

The completion of any online degree program depends on the specific academic requirements and whether you attend full time or part time. An Enrollment Specialist can provide an estimate of your time to completion for your chosen degree program.

How much does an online degree program cost?

Tuition costs vary based on the program you choose and any credits you are eligible to transfer. Tuition savings may be available to you as an international student.

What is a residency?

Residencies are face-to-face networking opportunities to ensure you’re prepared to complete your dissertation. They focus on developing your scholarly writing and research skills.

Will my degree be recognized in my country?

Every country has its own accrediting body. You can confirm Walden’s recognition in your country with the ministry of education or accrediting body.

Will my degree show that I completed it online?

No, there will be no mention that your program was delivered online. Your degree will be confirmed by “Walden University.”


1Total enrollment as of December 31, 2019.
2Student number per Finance. Countries per Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Accreditation (OIERA). Data as of 12/31/20.
3Per Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Accreditation (OIERA) based on self-reported faculty data in Faculty Insight Tool (FIT) as of 2/25/21
4As of February 2020.