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College of Psychology and Community Services

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Gain the Practical Skills to Solve Real Societal Challenges

If you want to improve quality of life for the people around you, a Walden degree can help start you on the right path. We offer online psychology degree, online criminal justice degree, and online human services degree programs to help you expand your perspectives—and your possibilities. Learn to address the social determinants of health in order to shape positive and sustainable social change. Gain critical skills that empower you to provide support and solutions for individuals, families, and entire communities.


The College of Psychology and Community Services expands learners’ knowledge and expertise within the academic fields of criminal justice, human services, and psychology through collaboration with expert faculty in a graduated, developmental academic process. The college is dedicated to advancing the knowledge base across these disciplines through contributing to industry application and knowledge, while also focusing on practitioner-focused research and professional service.


The College of Psychology and Community Services endeavors to prepare graduates for inclusive interdisciplinary collaboration to solve societal challenges. The college envisions graduates as contributing to social change in diverse environments using current evidence-based practices and adding their knowledge and experience to better the industry. The college strives to prepare graduates who, through lifelong learning, scholarly and community practices, and research, will impact the overall health of diverse individuals, communities, and society by enhancing public safety, improving settings in which individuals and families live and receive needed services, and employing scientific principles to enhance access to needed resources and improve lives.