With an EdS in Special Education, you can further your career in a growing field while making a direct impact on the lives of students with exceptionalities.

With nearly 6 million students nationwide in need of special education services, there is a growing demand for professional leaders in the field. The Education Specialist (EdS) degree in Special Education can position you for leadership roles in school districts, communities, and the profession as a whole.

In this online Education Specialist degree program, you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of the critical trends and issues impacting special education today.
  • Learn how to collaborate effectively with families and school staff to enhance special education practice.
  • Engage in real-world case studies that require collaborative problem-solving and the implementation of research-based strategies.
  • Illustrate your knowledge through a capstone project that allows you to focus on a real-world problem of practice in special education.

The EdS curriculum is informed by the Council for Exceptional Children Advanced Role Content Standards and focuses on key issues in the field of special education, such as leadership and policy, program development and assessment, collaboration, and ethical practice.

An EdS degree can dramatically impact your salary and career as an educator-leader in less time, and at a lower cost, than it takes to earn a Doctor of Education (EdD) or PhD in Education. However, the innovative structure of our Lifelong Learner Pathways allows you to lay the groundwork for your doctorate if you later choose to pursue it. As an EdS student, you will take the same initial courses as EdD and PhD students, where you exchange ideas and engage in advanced graduate coursework. If you are inspired to pursue your doctorate, you can transfer into the EdD program with a specialization in Special Education without starting over, saving you time and money. See how it works.

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