Commencement at Walden

Commencement at Walden

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For Walden graduates, commencement is a momentous occasion

Walden graduates are invited to celebrate their academic achievement by attending commencement.

After successfully applying to graduate and receiving confirmation of their degree conferral from the graduation team, newly minted Walden graduates are eligible to attend an in-person commencement ceremony. The Walden community gathers in person twice a year, in winter and summer, to recognize candidates’ completion of doctoral, master's, specialist, and baccalaureate degrees. At this time, we are unable to accommodate certificate earners.

Graduation and commencement are two separate activities.

To receive an invitation to register to attend a commencement ceremony, graduates must successfully apply for graduation and receive confirmation of their degree conferral from the graduation team. Then, when registration for commencement opens, more details and a link to register will be sent to all eligible graduates via email. Any specific details about the ceremonies will be linked on this web page once they are available to share.

Scroll down for more information on commencement dates, eligibility, participation details, and more.

Watch the Winter 2024 Ceremonies

Future Commencement Dates & Locations

We look forward to celebrating with you in the future! Below is a list of our future commencement dates and locations. Please refer to your degree conferral confirmation email from the graduation team to understand which commencement you are first eligible to attend.

CeremonySUMMER/WINTERCITYVENUEinformation & registration details
Summer 2024July 19–20, 2024Orlando, FL Orange County Convention Center Late Spring 2024
Winter 2025January 23-25, 2025Charlotte, NCCharlotte Convention CenterOctober 2024
Summer 2025July 10–12, 2025Orlando, FLOrange County Convention CenterApril 2025

Please note that graduates usually only participate in one ceremony on one day of the entire commencement weekend. Ceremony schedules and participation details vary for each commencement and are published online as soon as they are available to share.

Previous Ceremonies


Visit Walden University’s YouTube channel to watch past commencement ceremonies.


View the full Summer 2023 Commencement Program Book (pdf) with the names of all graduates of the summer class of 2023.


View the full Winter 2024 Commencement Program Book (pdf) with the names of all graduates of the winter class of 2024.



There are two major steps a graduating student must take to be eligible to receive an invitation to register to attend commencement.

  1. Submit an application to graduate.
    • When you are registered for your final course(s) and within your final academic term, apply to graduate via your myWalden portal.
    • The graduation application process is academic activity managed by the University Registrar and not the University Events Team. Therefore, any questions about this process or the status of your application should be directed to your Student Success Advisor or the graduation team.
  1. Receive confirmation of your degree conferral (graduation).
    • Once your graduation application has been approved, you will receive an email from the graduation team confirming you have fulfilled all your requirements and your degree has been awarded.
    • This prompts the production and deployment of your diploma, which usually takes 6–8 weeks to be delivered.
    • This email from the graduation team will also contain information about the commencement you are first eligible to attend.

The degree conferral date determines which commencement ceremony each graduate will be first eligible to attend. Typically, graduates should be on track to receive degree conferral 8–10 weeks prior to the ceremony date.

Understanding Graduation Versus Commencement
  • Graduation is the academic completion of the degree. All degree requirements have been fulfilled and the university has reviewed and approved the application to graduate. This is marked by the receipt of the confirmation of degree conferral from the graduation team. This is an academic-based activity.
  • Commencement refers to the optional ceremony that recognizes the academic achievement of graduates. Participation in commencement has no impact on the academic completion of a degree. While all graduate details are provided by the graduation team and based on academic eligibility, commencement is an optional celebratory event that has no impact on the academic completion of a degree.
Registration and Fees

Registration typically opens three months before the ceremony date. To participate in commencement, eligible graduates must successfully register to attend using the unique registration link in their commencement invitation email. Once registered, graduates will receive a confirmation email with important details including how to order regalia, a hotel booking link, schedule information, and more.

Graduates will be prompted to pay a commencement fee during the registration process.* The commencement registration fee ensures all graduates are offered a comprehensive, high-quality, enjoyable, and safe Walden commencement experience that includes but is not limited to, the following:

  • Commemorative Walden diploma cover
  • Commemorative commencement program book
  • Guest tickets for seating in the ceremony hall
  • Livestream video production and viewing option for your virtual support network and on-site guests not seated in the ceremony hall
  • Access to professional photographers and videographers to capture your special moments throughout the commencement concourse and ceremony hall
  • Spaces to capture memorable photos that represent the culmination of your Walden journey
  • Access to Walden Gear and commencement vendors for regalia and graduate gifts
  • High-speed internet throughout the commencement concourse and ceremony hall
  • Option to reserve discounted lodging in the Walden commencement room block at the host hotel that includes free high-speed internet access and easy access to the commencement venue
  • Security screening of all graduates, guests, and event support staff
  • Onsite security staff, law enforcement, and EMT personnel for emergency response purposes.

*The commencement fee is typically $300 but is determined on an event-by-event basis. The fee amount is only guaranteed once registration opens for that ceremony and will be highlighted in the registration communications.

Regalia (Cap and Gown)

Regalia refers to the ceremonial garments worn during the commencement ceremony. Graduates can purchase regalia from our official provider, Herff Jones, at any time.

If you have questions about what regalia to order or how to wear your regalia, you can watch this video to understand the different types of regalia, how to wear it properly, and more. For additional questions about regalia products, please contact Herff Jones directly.


To provide a safe environment and a comfortable experience for all graduates, Walden has determined an equal number of guest tickets for each graduate.

The number of guest tickets for each graduate is determined by the number of anticipated graduates and available seating at the commencement venue.

The number of guest tickets for each graduate may vary by event location, however, it will be noted in commencement registration communications and on the ceremony-specific web page when it is available.

  • Tickets are included in the commencement fee.
  • Tickets have no cash value.
  • The same number of tickets are assigned to each graduate.
  • Tickets are non-transferable.
  • Walden does not endorse the sale of commencement tickets.
  • Each ticket denotes a single seat in the commencement hall.
  • Children ages 3 and under do not need a ticket to attend.
  • Requests for additional tickets are not permitted.
  • If you have more guests than the designated number of your assigned tickets, there will be a livestream option for non-ticketed guests to view each ceremony. Livestream details for the ceremonies will be available on the ceremony-specific web page when they are available to share.
Travel Guidance for International Graduates and Guests

Graduates and their guests are responsible for making their own arrangements and understanding the specific requirements to travel to and from commencement—including but not limited to travel documents, visas, quarantine periods, medical testing, and vaccination documents.

Any non-U.S. citizens traveling to commencement who reside in a country that does not participate in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) should review the instructions below:*

  1. Request a graduation verification letter from the Registrar’s Office. The email for verification is [email protected].
  2. Write a formal letter addressed to the U.S. consulate or embassy in the country where your guest(s) will apply for their visitor visa(s). Although the university may have provided a letter in the past for academic residencies, we cannot provide individualized letters for commencement as a  different type of visa is required. However, you may use this template to create your letter.
  3. Mail the originals or email scanned copies of the two letters above to your guests. Many consular offices are accepting scanned invitation letters. However, we recommend that you also mail the originals to your guests. 
  4. Advise your guests to provide all the information above to their U.S. embassy or consulate when applying for their visitor visas.

*If you or your guests reside in a country that participates in the Visa Waiver Program, you do not need to prepare a formal letter or follow the steps above—provided that you have a valid Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) authorization and e-Passport.

How do I join the Alumni Association?
  • Once your degree is conferred, you receive automatic lifetime membership to the Walden University Alumni Association.
  • You will receive an email welcoming you into the alumni association.
What are the benefits of staying connected to the Alumni Association?

The Walden University Alumni Association offers a variety of opportunities for our alumni to connect with each other and the University.

  • Walden Alumni Advantage – exclusive discounts at more than 300,000 retailers, including many of the national and local brands you know and love.
  • Walden Connect – Our global alumni community. Engage with other Walden alumni and help leverage the collective power of our shared alumni network.
  • Walden Alumni Library – Walden graduates receive online access to a wide variety of research data bases and resources.
  • Career Services – As a Walden graduate, you have access to Career Services for life.
How can I learn more about alumni events and opportunities?

To learn more about our amazing Alumni Association, visit: