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Can I talk to current students/alumni about their experience?

You can speak with current and former students in one of our Facebook groups. Visit our Facebook Group Finder to get started.

Does Walden have student awards?

Yes. Academic Performance, Citizenship, and Leadership awards are presented biannually during graduation weekend to recognize student achievement. The Academic Performance Award is open to undergraduate students, the Citizenship Award is open to master’s students, and the Leadership Award is open to doctoral students.

How are Graduation and Commencement Different?

Graduation refers to the successful completion of a student’s degree program. Commencement is an optional ceremony held twice a year that celebrates the graduation of Walden students.

Graduates must register for commencement in order to participate in the ceremony. The registration link will be sent to the graduate when they have received confirmation of their degree conferral and registration is open. Students who have received confirmation of their degree conferral before the summer conferral deadline are eligible to attend the summer ceremony; students who have received confirmation of their degree conferral before the winter conferral deadline are eligible to attend the winter ceremony.

Once you have received confirmation of your degree conferral, and registration is open, you will receive an invitation to register to participate in commencement. If you are unable to attend the first ceremony for which you are eligible, Walden allows graduates to participate in any future ceremony.

When should I apply to graduate?

Students who are in their final course, in their final academic term, and in good academic standing should apply for graduation via the graduation application in the Student Portal. Applying for graduation does not mean that a student will automatically receive degree conferral or an invitation to attend commencement.

Once a student has submitted an application to graduate, the graduation team begins the process of verifying that the student has completed all the academic requirements for their degree. When the graduation team verifies that the student has completed, the student will receive an email notification containing confirmation of their degree conferral. This means the student has completed all academic requirements and has graduated from the program. At that time, the process of creating and shipping their diploma will begin and takes anywhere from four to eight weeks to complete.

The conferral confirmation email will include which commencement ceremony the graduate is first eligible to attend. This is important to note because commencement eligibility is determined by the conferral confirmation date. It is important for students to understand their estimated conferral date and how that impacts their commencement eligibility.

How can I connect online with others from my degree program?

You can connect with others in our Walden Facebook group community. Visit our Facebook Group Finder to get started.

How can I start my own student organization?

To start a new student organization, contact the Office of Student Organizations at [email protected].

How do I file a complaint?

We encourage students to attempt to resolve their concerns directly with the person or department where the concern arose. If the concern is not resolved to your satisfaction, please request a review by a manager, director, or dean. A decision by one of these individuals can be reviewed by Student Affairs or Ombud Services to ensure policies and processes were followed.

How do I know which commencement ceremony to attend?

Commencement eligibility is dependent upon the date on which a student receives confirmation of their degree conferral.

  • Students who receive confirmation of their degree conferral before the summer conferral confirmation deadline are eligible to attend the summer ceremony

  • Students who receive confirmation of their degree conferral before the winter conferral confirmation deadline are eligible to attend the winter ceremony.

The email students receive from the graduation team confirming their degree conferral will indicate which ceremony a graduate is first eligible to attend. The conferral deadlines for each commencement are determined three to five months in advance of the event and will be posted on the commencement website when it is available. If you have questions about your anticipated conferral date and how to apply for graduation, please contact your student success advisor.

How many guests can I bring with me to my ceremony?

For in-person events, all attendees must possess a ticket. The number of tickets distributed to each graduate is determined based on the space available and anticipated number of graduates. Therefore, the number of guest tickets for which you are eligible will be determined once registration opens for that commencement ceremony. Your invitation e-mail will include the number of tickets you are able to reserve when you register.

How will I manage work, school, and family?

Faculty, Student Success Advising, and fellow students can all offer advice and suggest best practices for balancing your studies with other commitments. In addition, we have school-life balance resources in our Academic Skills Center.

What is degree conferral, and when is the conferral deadline?

Graduation (degree conferral) occurs when students complete their degree programs. Students must apply to graduate in order for their degree to be conferred.

The conferral confirmation deadline refers to the final date a graduate must receive confirmation of their degree conferral in order to participate in a specific commencement ceremony. Conferral  confirmation deadlines are typically determined five months in advance of a commencement ceremony. Once the conferral confirmation deadline has been determined, it will be posted on the commencement website.

What is Walden's Academic Integrity policy?

You can view Walden's academic integrity policy in the Student Handbook, Section 3. We encourage all students to view the Academic Integrity Tutorial to educate themselves on Walden's expectations and to learn how to avoid any violations of the policy.

What student organizations are at Walden?

Walden has a number of student organizations and honor societies that provide opportunities for students to network, engage in professional development outside of the classroom, and participate in social change activities. Visit the Student Organization section of our Academic Guides for a list of active student organizations.

What support services does Walden offer?

Walden offers a wide range of student support services, including financial aid guidance, academic assistance, and career services. A complete guide to student support services can be found in the Walden University Student Handbook.

When do I get my diploma?

Your diploma will be sent (provided there are no financial holds on your account) approximately four to six weeks after the degree conferral has been processed.

You will need to complete the Graduation Application for your degree to be conferred. As you near the end of your undergraduate, master’s, certificate, or doctoral program, you should complete the Graduation Application. It is recommended you complete the application while you are enrolled in your last term. Contact your Student Success Advisor for more information.

When and where is the next commencement ceremony?

The list of future planned commencements are listed below. Please check the commencement website for the most up to date information on logistics and ceremony details for each event. We will update the Commencement website with the most current ceremony logistics including the full schedule, hotel information, number of tickets, and more once those details are available.

  • Summer 2022 Commencement: June 23-25, 2022, in San Antonio, Texas.

  • Winter 2023 Commencement: January 19-21, 2023, at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida

  • Summer 2023 Commencement: July 20-23, 2023, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida

Please note that we strongly advise all graduates (and their support networks) to refrain from making travel or accommodation arrangements prior to successfully registering to attend commencement. Graduates should proceed with making travel and accommodation plans once they have registered for commencement and they have received the full schedule of events.

Where can I buy Walden gear?

You can purchase WaldenGear at

Why should I go to commencement?

Commencement is an opportunity for you to celebrate your accomplishments with family, friends, faculty, and fellow graduates. During the commencement weekend, not only will you cross the stage and be recognized for your achievement, but you may also be able to meet with your faculty, take advantage of university resources, find out how to become involved with the Walden Alumni association, have graduate photos taken, and more! More information on commencement can be found on the commencement website.


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