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Combine real-world practice with cutting-edge research opportunities.

Walden’s ACBSP-accredited DBA program aligns with standards of quality endorsed by business, government, and other organizations. Our highly respected terminal degree program balances applied research with real-world practice, allowing you to develop the decision-making and problem-solving skills you need to advance as a leader.

Capstone Options

Choose from three capstone options—traditional doctoral study, portfolio, or consulting—for a culminating experience that fits your career goals.

16 specializations

Explore 16 specializations that align your personal interests with in-demand skills to advance your career.


Gain firsthand experience and build your résumé by working directly with a nonprofit or small business through the consulting capstone.

Student Support

Get the support of doctoral coaches, industry-connected faculty, student advocates, and peer mentors—each committed to your success.


granter of doctoral research degrees

Learn from the No. 1 granter of doctoral research degrees in the U.S.1 Walden has been serving the needs of doctoral learners at a distance for 50 years.

Faculty Excellence

Our faculty includes 300+ honorees for excellence in teaching and mentorship.2

Program Savings

Receive up to a $5,000 grant if you reside in the U.S. and start this program on March 8, 2021. Contact one of our Enrollment Specialists to learn more.

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Enhance your knowledge of managerial accounting methods to elevate your organization’s competitive position. 

Energy Management

Explore how energy production and distribution have evolved into a global market, and the natural and man-made risks involved with this business.


Explore the entrepreneurial concepts and processes that are found in both established companies with a pioneering spirit and start-ups. 


Gain the finance tools that help managers maximize their firm’s value, including valuation, capital budgeting and structure, working capital management, multinational concepts, and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM). 

Global Supply Chain Management

Learn the systems required to identify sources of personnel and material and how to ensure that supply chains conform to the highest global standards.

Healthcare Management

Expand your core business management skills in the healthcare field by learning to apply managerial decision-making skills to healthcare policy and economics. 

Homeland Security

Explore how the field of homeland security has evolved, as well as the global implications it has on how an organization operates, internally and externally.

Human Resource Management

Get the theoretical knowledge, industry insights, and capabilities to be an authoritative voice in the field of human resource management, whether you’re looking to pursue executive leadership, teaching, or research.

Information Systems Management

Develop your expertise in information systems management with this specialization that addresses the management challenges facing technology-based businesses.

International Business

Learn the skills necessary to manage and lead a spectrum of workers, managers, and teams in a global marketplace.


Explore new frameworks and perspectives that will help you to lead and manage change effectively.


Learn the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in an international marketplace, including leveraging strategies in global marketing and international pricing.

Project Management

Study the processes for successfully managing a complex portfolio of projects and analyzing opportunities for improved portfolio performance. 

Self Designed

Create your own specialization based on your individual goals and interests in business administration. 

Social Impact Management

Examine key issues in corporate responsibility, such as how to achieve greater transparency while protecting proprietary information, and strengthen stakeholder relationships.

Technology Entrepreneurship

Learn how to design the concepts, processes, and tools to increase the rate and extent of innovation in your company, thereby enhancing your company’s competitive edge. 

Admission Requirements

Completed online application and transcripts. Please note that the materials you are required to submit may vary depending on the academic program to which you apply. More information for international applicants.

Stand Out as a Business Leader and Influencer in the Marketplace

The Doctor of Business Administration program will challenge you to refine and apply highly sought-after leadership skills in research, critical thinking, communication, analysis, and management.

Guided by industry experts, your DBA coursework will strengthen your grasp of business best practices, preparing you to complete a capstone project in the format you choose—traditional, consulting, or portfolio.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of Walden’s online Doctor of Business Administration program will be prepared to:

  • Evaluate the relevance of current and emerging business theory and practice from an interdisciplinary perspective.
  • Formulate effective solutions to complex, real-world problems common to the practice of business and management.
  • Apply current research literature to practical problems found in business and management.
  • Evaluate scholarly research in business and management.
  • Design rigorous research that contributes to the professional body of knowledge of business and management.
  • Design rigorous research that contributes to positive social change.
  • Apply professional ethics appropriately.

What’s the Career Impact of Earning a DBA?

Now more than ever, organizations need leaders with practical experience who can assess situations, understand current and potential business issues, and put solutions into action with confidence.

In many cases, businesses look to people who can navigate challenges and inspire change. Often, they turn to professionals with DBA degrees.

A DBA not only identifies you as an expert in your field, but also demonstrates your readiness for senior-level leadership and new career opportunities—within your own organization or across other companies and industries.

What Can I Do With a DBA?

Depending on your specialization, an online Doctor of Business Administration from Walden can pave the way to a number of career options, including:

  • Consultant
  • Entrepreneur/business owner
  • Faculty member
  • Manager/director/administrator
  • Analyst

Career options may require additional experience, training, or other factors beyond the successful completion of this degree program.


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