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Educate Nurses in Diverse Settings

For nurses who already hold a master’s degree, this is the right time to advance your career by adding depth to your portfolio of skills. Our program can help you prepare for nurse educator roles in a wide range of academic and practice settings. Gain important knowledge needed to develop, plan, implement, and evaluate educational programs for nursing students and other healthcare professionals.

By 2020, the demand for RNs is anticipated to be 29% greater than the available supply.* The need for nurse educators to help meet this growing demand has never been greater. Help shape the future of healthcare by educating and mentoring nurses and preparing them to make an even greater impact in the lives of their patients.

Play a pivotal role in strengthening the nursing workforce, serving as a role model and providing the leadership needed to implement evidence-based practice.

Learn to design, implement, evaluate, and revise educational programs for nurses. Fieldwork experience in NURS 6351 provides you with an opportunity to apply learning in a real-world environment. Our team of practicum coordinators is available to help at every step of your fieldwork journey.

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Completion Requirements

  • 23 quarter credits

This sequence represents the minimum credits to completion. Credits to completion will vary by student, depending on individual progress and credits transferred, if applicable. For a personalized estimate of the number of your transfer credits that Walden would accept, call an Enrollment Specialist at 1-866-492-5336.


Course Code Title Credits
NURS 6002/6003

Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing

In this course students are introduced to Walden University and online learning. Students explore strategies for the successful participation in an online curriculum. Students also will receive a foundation for academic and professional success as scholar-practitioners and social change agents. Course assignments introduce students to resources that support success, development of graduate-level writing skills and use of APA Style, academic integrity, and the creation of a professional development plan based on each student’s chosen specialization.

3 cr.
NURS 6370

Foundational Skills for Nurse Educators in Academic and Healthcare Environments

In this course, students develop basic skills that are used by Nursing Professional Development Practitioners and Academic Nurse Educators in practice and academic environments, respectively. Foundational theories of learning are covered as they are applied to the Nursing Professional Development Practitioner and Academic Nurse Educator roles. An overview of the educational design process is examined. Standards and competencies for Nursing Professional Development Practitioners, Academic Nurse Educators, and Academic Clinical Nurse Educators are explored as well as concepts of organizational alignment and leadership.

(5 cr.)
NURS 6321

Curriculum Development, Assessment, and Evaluation

The educational environment in higher education and health care settings is influenced by social, economic, regulatory, and technological transformations. Students in this course learn the theoretical foundations that drive curriculum development, assessment, and evaluation. They also focus on curriculum components, which include societal, professional, and educational trends that affect nursing education curricula.

(5 cr.)
NURS 6331

Teaching Learning Strategies: Integrating Technology Into Nursing Education

In this course, students explore how to plan instruction on a nursing topic, creating and adapting meaningful lessons and assessment/evaluation strategies for multiple learning environments and learner characteristics. Considering the diverse learning needs and ethical considerations of different learner groups (e.g., nursing students, staff, and patients/caregivers), students examine how to effectively integrate technology tools and develop lessons encompassing those needs. Students also explore evaluation strategies and outcome measurements related to their chosen topic and how technology can assist. A final project involves adapting a face-to-face lesson for a digital learning environment. Throughout the course, students apply innovative teaching approaches for effective nursing education.

(5 cr.)
NURS 6351

Role of the Nurse Educator

Nursing education students in this course explore the roles of the nurse educator, including staff developers, patient educators, and academic educators. Through the Practicum Experience, students translate and apply theoretical principles from their clinical specialty and teaching practices in implementing the educator role. Students will develop an appreciation for the complexities of the role of the educator and the challenges inherent to that role.

(5 cr.: 4 cr. didactic, 1 cr. practicum)

Tuition and Fees

Curriculum Component Requirements Cost amount
Tuition 23 semester credit hours $450 per semester hour $10,350
Technology Fee Per semester $160 $480


*The tuition reflects the minimum time to completion. Time to completion varies by student, depending on individual progress and credits transferred, if applicable. For a personalized estimate of the number of your transfer credits that Walden would accept, call an Enrollment Specialist at 855-646-5286.

Tuition and fees are subject to change. Books and materials are not included and may cost between $500 to $700.

Admission Requirements

Since our certificate programs are offered at different levels, admission requirements vary. Call 855-646-5286 to find out the admission requirements for your certificate program of interest.

Exceptions and other requirements may apply, depending on the program you choose. Consult your Walden Enrollment Specialist about admission requirements for specific degree programs. Call 855-646-5286 in the United States or see a list of international toll-free phone numbers.


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