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Solutions to Empower Your Workforce


Your Current Workforce is a Valuable Resource of New Leadership

Extensive research shows that employee engagement is strongly connected to innovation and job satisfaction.1

How can your organization engage and empower employees to help them develop and grow? 
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Benefits of a Partnership with Walden

We have a proven track record in collaborating with organizations around the world, including businesses, health systems, school districts, and more. Walden can support your talent development strategies through:


Reduced tuition means lower out-of-pocket costs for your employees, making earning a degree more affordable.


Program-specific grants or scholarships may be available and can motivate your employees to develop the skills you value most.


Walden hosts professional development events (both in-person and online), including talks by industry experts and service projects designed to support your internal initiatives.


Share our live and on-demand webinars led by faculty experts who understand emerging trends in technology, healthcare, education, nursing, leadership, and more.


Through virtual education fairs, coffee break sessions, and more, your employees can learn about degree offerings and exclusive tuition savings without disrupting their schedules.


Your employees can leverage Walden’s research, expertise, and global network to serve their community.


Walden Offers Flexible Learning Options

Every student has a different learning style, and every employee has varying commitments. We’ve designed our programs with your employees’ schedules in mind.


Course-Based Programs

With 80+ degree programs and hundreds of specializations and concentrations, we offer instructor-guided education at a fixed pace, where your employees can build critical thinking skills that address your organization’s needs.


Tempo Learning® Programs

Our competency-based format embraces work experience, letting employees apply their existing knowledge and potentially move faster toward their goals.


Certificate and Non-Degree Options

Choose from over 50 certificate programs or from hundreds of for-credit individual courses in education, counseling, business, IT, psychology, and health, among other areas.


Custom Learning Opportunities

Identify the core competencies your organization needs, and Walden will design a custom learning solution to help your employees fill critical skills gaps.