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Getting Ready to Apply? Here’s What You Need to Know

See what you will need for your application and how Walden University will help you through the process.

So you’ve done the research and have made the admirable decision to pursue an online degree. Now what? The next steps are to create your online profile and begin your application. Your Homepage @ Walden is your hub for everything from your online application to joining Walden’s social networking site and preparing for the first day of classes.

Starting Your Application

Here’s a preview of what you can expect to provide on the online application:

Getting Ready to Apply? Here’s What You Need to Know

  • Program of interest. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to speak with your Enrollment Specialist for recommendations on which online degree program best suits you and your goals. (If you change your mind, you can always go back and change your degree program of interest before submitting your application!)
  • Preferred start date. Here, you can choose from any of our upcoming start dates. Start dates differ among degree programs, but typically, there are several start dates available for each program to accommodate your schedule.
  • Academic history. If you have earned a previous degree, you can include your previous institution’s information, your major, year of graduation, etc.
    • If you are interested in transferring credits from previous institution(s), we will review your unofficial transcript(s). Our admissions team will conduct a free evaluation within 3–5 days of submission and let you know which credits are eligible for transfer into your program of choice. Once you are admitted, official transcripts will be needed.
    • Be sure to include experience such as professional certifications you have earned and/or additional courses you have taken.
    • If you are an undergraduate applicant, your Enrollment Specialist will help you decide if a Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio is right for you.
  • Employment History. Take the opportunity to fill in where you work and what you do. For this section, you may import your information from your LinkedIn profile.
    • Military experience is also considered and may translate into potential credit toward your degree.
  • Transcripts. As mentioned above, your unofficial transcripts will be reviewed for eligibility of credit transfer. You then have 30 days from the point of admission to submit official transcripts.
    • Take advantage of Walden’s free evaluation service; your Enrollment Specialist can request your transcripts for you and will even work with you directly to make sure you receive the maximum eligible number of transfer credits.
  • Résumé. Don’t forget to update this as well with your previous academic, work, military, and life experience!

Walden’s application process aims to maximize each applicant’s available opportunities and credits earned.

Resources Along the Way

We know that going back to school is a major time commitment, so we want to help you with the process up front to keep you motivated and prepared, as well as showcase the opportunities you have within Walden.

While you are preparing to apply, your Enrollment Specialist will also help familiarize you with all of Walden’s student support services, which will be available to you throughout your degree program. You can also take a look at Our Community, which shows you the featured resources, upcoming events, support groups online and in your area, and more!

Questions to Ask

The best part about working with an Enrollment Specialist directly is that you can ask them ANYTHING. They can give you specifics about your online degree program, admission, and financial aid—ask them questions like:

  • What is the total cost of my degree program, and what does that include?
  • How long will my degree program take to complete? Are there full-time and part-time options?
  • Is my degree program accredited?
  • Which path/specializations should I choose?
  • What are my potential career options?
  • How does financial aid work?
  • How do I register for orientation, classes, residencies, and internships?

An Enrollment Specialist will also talk to you about any concerns you may have regarding online learning. You can get advice about things like:

  • What is online learning like at Walden?
  • How do I stay connected with faculty and other students?
  • What kind of device do I need to complete my degree program? Desktop, laptop, tablet?
  • How do other students manage their job schedule with their class schedule?
  • What are the in-person residencies really like? What should I do to prepare?

Lastly—Don’t Forget to Get Excited!

Earning your degree from Walden University can open so many doors—not just within your career, but in your personal life as well. Telling your friends, family, colleagues, and peers that you are furthering your education will allow you to gain encouragement and support as you begin this journey.

From day one, you are joining us in our mission, our commitment to social change, and our vision to advance the greater global good. The leadership skills combined with the global awareness that you can gain by studying at Walden equip you to make a huge impact in your industry and your community.