Julia Bucher

Contributing Faculty
College of Nursing
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Dr. Bucher teaches Epidemiology and Population Health at Walden U. She received a BSN from U DEL and a MN from U WASH in Transition Services: Care of Persons with Cancer and their Families in the 1980s. She worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in oncology home health and hospice in Washington state and later delivered safety net services in York PA with low income families and elders coping with different chronic illnesses as well as cancer.
Dr. Bucher taught nursing for 9 years at Bloomsburg U in PA and then 11 years for York College of PA when she served on many state level committees related to community health initiatives and translating epidemiology data to general and professional audiences.
Her primary focus for many publications and presentations is on evaluating education to help families of persons with cancer cope and improve problem solving skills. Her latest book, The American Cancer Society Comprehensive Guide to Cancer Caregiving, was published for families in 2011.

Her PhD in Community Systems Planning and Development, from Penn State in 1992, prepared her to teach Health Policy, Population Health, Community Health, and Research Methods to undergraduate and graduate nursing students. Her time as a planner for the national office of the American Cancer Society also prepared her to teach Epidemiology to nurses and others in health disciplines at Walden U. Her focus is to help health care professionals understand the methods of epidemiology to describe trends in disease, health status. or health behaviors.
Clinically, Dr. Bucher also serves as a regional Geriatric Care Manager helping families locate and evaluate options for home care, day care, family respite, or nursing home placement. She continues to mentor others to write successful chronic care proposals for funds for area interventions aimed at health promotion and harm reduction.

Courses Taught

NURS 6700/8310 - Epidemiology and Population Health

Public Service

Mt Gretna School of Art, Volunteer - Mt Gretna

Awards / Honors

Trish Greene Quality of Life Award, American Cancer Society, 2004