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What Is an Articulation Agreement?

Transferring credits to your online university can help you earn your degree faster.

Have you completed college-level or graduate-level coursework? If so, you may be eligible to transfer a portion of those credits when you enroll in an online degree program. Many accredited online colleges help adult learners transfer credits from other schools, making it faster and more cost-effective to earn your degree.

One of the ways schools transfer these credits is through articulation agreements with other colleges and universities. Knowing how these agreements work can help you make sure you’re able to transfer as many credits as possible toward your online degree.

What Is an Articulation Agreement?

  • How Do Articulation Agreements Work?

    Articulation agreements are a type of educational partnership where a university agrees to accept certain credits that were earned at a different educational institution. Many online universities have articulation agreements in place with community colleges, 4-year universities, and institutions offering graduate degrees. These agreements predetermine which credits can be transferred toward their various online degree programs, and whether those credits will be transferred in full or in part.

  • How Do Articulation Agreements Help Me?

    If you have earned credit at a school that has an articulation agreement with your chosen online university, it’s easier to predetermine which of your credits will transfer. Universities publish their articulation agreements, allowing you to see the transfer value of each credit you’ve earned.

    Articulation agreements are particularly valuable to you if you’re enrolled in a community college and are planning on transferring to an online college to complete your undergraduate or graduate degree. You can choose your general education coursework based on whether the college’s articulation agreement will allow you to transfer your credits, and how many may transfer. Understanding the articulation agreement can help you avoid spending time and money on those preliminary classes where credit doesn’t transfer and optimize the amount of credit you can transfer in when you enroll in your selected online university.

  • What Is the Benefit of Transferring Credits?

    Whether you’re entering a bachelor’s, a master’s, or a doctoral degree program, transferring credits can help expedite your path to graduation and prevent you from having to take courses you’ve taken previously. The more credits you transfer, the closer you are to earning your online degree. This can save you both time and money.

  • Does My Online University Have to Have an Articulation Agreement for Me to Transfer Credits?

    While articulation agreements make it easier to transfer credits, most online universities will also accept credits from schools with which they do not have set agreements. If you have earned credits at any educational institution, you should speak with your chosen online university. In most instances, the university will review your transcript and determine which credits they will accept. Transferring even a single credit can reduce the time and money you spend earning your degree, so it’s well worth your time to go through the transfer process.

  • How Do I Start Transferring My Credits?

    Walden, for example, offers free transfer of credit evaluations. The university has articulation agreements in place with numerous educational institutions, and will consider credits you’ve earned at other institutions around the world. Trained advisors will personally guide you through a range of options that can help you transfer up to 75% of your required undergraduate credits or up to 50% of your required graduate credits. By transferring your credits, a university like Walden can give you a head start in earning your online degree.

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