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What was your experience like with online faculty?

Faculty members play a make-it-or-break-it role in any college experience—including online. Having ready access to online faculty members or instructors can be crucial to learning. “During my two years at Walden, the professors that I had were great,” says Twana Goodloe Vintes, a graduate of Walden’s Master of Business Administration program. “I did not meet one that I did not like.”

When deciding whether to attend an online degree program, some students hesitate for fear that learning outside a traditional classroom might mean isolation—including from their instructors. But that doesn’t have to be the case, Twana says. “They were all available to me,” she says. “They didn’t sound like I was annoying them when I called them at 10 o’clock at night, when I emailed them back to back to back to back. They were friendly every time I talked to them, through any communication I had with them.”

Having accessible, available online faculty made a significant difference, not only in Twana’s Walden experience, but in her education. Part of that, she credits with her instructors’ real-life experience and professional immersion in the subjects at hand. “I can say that, within those years at Walden, it was great with the professors,” Twana says. “I really liked the way they were working in the field. And it was real-life for them, as well.”

Hear Twana discuss her experience with Walden.

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