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5 Things You Teach Your Children When You Enroll in an Online Degree Program

The best online colleges give you the tools to better life for you and your family.

As a working professional raising young children, you may find “me” time in short supply. But practicing self-care is essential to our physical and mental health, and it’s also one of the great gifts you can give your children. Because as they watch you invest in your own well-being, they’re learning valuable lessons about healthy living.

That’s especially true when you decide to earn a degree, the ultimate expression of self-care. Today, accredited online universities offer adults the flexibility to pursue a postsecondary education while working and raising a family. There’s no doubt that it’s a big commitment, but enrolling in an online degree program can benefit the entire family.


Here are five things you teach your children when you enroll in an online degree program:

  1. The Value of Education
    Increasing your job prospects and earning potential, and boosting career satisfaction, are some top reasons for earning a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree online. As you progress through your online degree program and begin achieving your career and life goals, your children will see how education leads to opportunity, growth, and contentment.
  2. A Love of Learning
    Your kids may be surprised: You’re going to school because you want to? Simply by choosing continued education, you’re modeling a passion for learning. And as you engage in your online classes, displaying curiosity, interest, and excitement, you’re helping them develop their own love of learning. Plus, they’re bound to be intrigued by the virtual reality simulations and other cool tech tools that the best online colleges are now offering students.
  3. Time Management
    As you create a balance between family, work, and school, you’re setting a great example for young children just learning how to manage their own time. You’re demonstrating focus, self-discipline, organization, planning, and how getting the work done efficiently means more time for you to spend together as a family, doing something you all enjoy.
  4. Perseverance
    Pushing through obstacles, like passing a difficult online course or finishing a project in your online business degree program, for example, teaches your children to never give up. Better yet, they learn how to navigate challenges by watching how you do it: asking for help, working with others, thinking a problem through, and, yes, even finding a solution through trial and error.
  5. A Sense of Purpose
    Setting and achieving goals, like earning a degree online, adds meaning and purpose to life. And being propelled by purpose helps foster contentment, self-confidence, and pride. That’s another valuable lesson for your children. And when you use your college education to create positive social change in your community, you’re teaching your kids another important way to build a purposeful life.

Online Learning Changes Lives

An online degree can help expand your knowledge and skills to meet your personal career goals and build healthier communities. Offering more than 100 degree and certificate programs online, and with a mission of social change, Walden University can help prepare you to do just that.

With Walden’s online learning platform, you can work full time and stay engaged with your family while earning a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree online. With an internet connection and laptop, you set your own weekly schedule—where and when you do your coursework is up to you.

And as a working professional with a family, you may especially appreciate Walden’s suite of student support services. You’ll even find tips and tools to help you create your own school-life balance.

Walden can help you develop the skills you need to thrive as a professional in these rapidly changing times. Ignite your passion for lifelong learning and inspire your children as you blaze a path to your future, and to theirs.

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