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What Can I Do With an EdD Degree?

Few things in life are as important as education, which makes those who provide that education some of the most important professionals around. But like any professional group, educators need good and strong leaders. How can you become such a leader? One of the best ways is to advance your career by earning a Doctor of Education (EdD degree).

What Does an EdD Program Teach You?

A Doctor of Education is focused on the real-world practice of education. In an EdD program, you will have the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of what methods, tools, formats, and strategies have proven effective in education, and you’ll learn how to apply research to develop and test your own ideas for improving education.

What Can I Do With an EdD Degree?

By the time you graduate, you will be prepared to:

  • Analyze current research and trends in education.
  • Evaluate practices, programs, and policies in your field of education.
  • Apply effective technology strategies to design curriculum and support learning.
  • Collaborate with a range of stakeholders to effect positive change.
  • Apply research strategies for evaluation and assessment.
  • Create effective solutions to problems in your field of education.
  • Implement appropriate organizational system changes in response to diverse local and/or global community needs.
  • Employ leadership strategies that drive and sustain a learning organization.
  • Design research to address educational problems and contribute to the profession.

Depending on which university you choose, your EdD program may also allow you to specialize in specific education fields. Common specializations include:

What Are Your Career Options With an EdD Degree?

The Doctor of Education is the degree of choice for educators who are passionate about making a positive, sustainable impact on student learning and achievement. Because of this, educational institutions at all levels turn to EdDs to provide expertise and leadership. From pre-k through post-graduate education, EdDs work in the classroom, in administration, and in research/academic settings to ensure students receive the best education possible.

In addition, numerous nonprofits and government agencies rely on EdDs to develop and promote education initiatives. A number of corporations even hire EdDs to help with in-house training and other educational programs.

How Can You Earn Your EdD Degree?

Thanks to online education, earning a doctorate is not nearly as daunting as it once was. Where enrolling in an EdD program used to require you to live close to a university and attend classes on campus, online EdD programs allow you to complete your coursework and handle your studies from anywhere you have internet access, including your home.

Additionally, online learning provides a flexible schedule. Instead of attending classes at exact times, you can choose to complete your EdD online coursework at whatever time of day and/or week works best for you. This makes earning your EdD more convenient, and can even give you the flexibility you need to hold down a full-time job while you earn your degree.

An EdD degree can put you in position to be an education leader. And an online university can make earning that degree a real possibility.

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