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The Fastest-Growing Industries and the Degree You Need to Get There

The right bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree can help you start a career in one of America’s top industries.

The economy is booming. But not all industries are accelerating their hiring. If you want to take advantage of the growth in America’s economy, you need to work in an industry where employment is on the rise. And that means having the right college degree for the job.

To help you make the best choice for your college education—whether you’re planning on earning your bachelor’s or whether you’re planning to head to graduate school for your master’s or doctoral degree—here are a few of the American industries with the fastest growing employment, along with the degrees that can help you get your foot in the door. All industry numbers come from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).1

The Fastest-Growing Industries and the Degree You Need to Get There


Three out of the top five fastest-growing industries are within the healthcare sector, including:

  1. Home Healthcare Services: increasing employment at a 4.4% compounded annual rate.
  2. Outpatient Care Centers: increasing employment at a 3.2% compounded annual rate.
  3. Offices of Other Health Practitioners: increasing employment at a 2.7% compounded annual rate.

All three of these industries offer a wide variety of employment opportunities, including for healthcare providers, caregivers, managers, operations personnel, and more. As such, you can put yourself in position for a career in these industries when you earn a degree in just about any healthcare field. Some of the degrees you should consider include:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Master of Science in Nursing
BS in Healthcare Management
Master of Healthcare Administration
Doctor of Healthcare Administration


The industry hiring at the second-fastest rate in America is known as Other Information Services. This industry includes such organizations as news syndicates, libraries, archives, exclusive internet publishing and/or broadcasting, and web search portals. Increasing employment at a 4% compounded annual rate, the industry needs plenty of qualified workers. And you can become just such a worker by earning a degree in communication, new media, or information technology. Some of the most useful degrees include:

BS in Communication
MS in Communication
BS in Information Technology
Master of Information Systems Management
Doctor of Information Technology

Social Services

The industry that’s hiring employees at the third-fastest rate is Individual and Family Services, which is increasing employment at a 3.4% compounded annual rate. This industry include social workers; counselors; and those supporting government agencies, private businesses, and nonprofit organizations that provide counseling and other services to individuals and families in need. If you’re looking for careers with a social change component, the Individual and Family Services industry may be the right choice for you. Degrees that can help you succeed in this industry include:

BS in Human Services
Master of Social Work
Doctor of Social Work
MS in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling
PhD in Clinical Psychology

What’s the Best Way to Earn Your Degree?

Regardless of which industry or which degree seems right for you, one of the best ways to find a good college for you is to consider online education. Colleges and universities that offer an online learning environment provide a level of convenience and flexibility not found at most campus-based institutions.

What are some of the conveniences of online universities? For one, when you earn a degree online, you can stay where you are and avoid moving to be near a school. In fact, you can take online courses right from home or from anywhere else you have internet access. On top of that, online classes aren’t held on a rigid schedule. Instead, earning a degree online gives you the freedom to attend class at whatever time of day works best for you, which can make it possible for you to work full time and handle your other responsibilities while enrolled in school.

As for the quality of education you’ll receive, the best online schools hold the same level of accreditation and adhere to the same high-standards as campus-based institutions of higher education. In other words, there’s no reason to leave accredited online colleges off your list of colleges to consider. They can be a great addition to your college search—and can help you earn the degree you need to find a great job in one of America’s fastest-growing industries.

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