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Five Ways an Online Degree Can Make You Happier at Work

Earning a degree from an online university can help make your work life better.

Over half of American workers report they aren’t engaged at their jobs.1 That means, if you’re dissatisfied with your job, you’re hardly alone. But it doesn’t mean you can’t change things.

One of the best ways to improve your career and/or current job is to earn a degree. And one of the best ways to earn a degree is through online education. That’s because when you enroll in an online university, you don’t have to move or even live near a campus. Online courses give you the power to learn from home. Plus, online learning allows you to attend your online classes at whatever time of day works best for you, making it possible to balance work, family, and other obligations.

Five Ways an Online Degree Can Make You Happier at Work

Online education makes earning certificates and bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees more possible than ever before—which gives you more opportunities to be happier at work. When you earn a degree online, you can:

Launch a New Career

If you’re not satisfied with your job, maybe it’s time to change your career. Career changes are not uncommon. On average, people currently approaching retirement age have held nearly 12 different jobs before they turned 50.2 But changing careers requires being qualified for something new. That’s where earning a degree comes in. By returning to school and earning the right degree in your preferred field, you can improve your chances of making a successful career change.

Focus on What Interests You

It’s not always necessary to change your career to improve your job. Another way to boost your work satisfaction is to find a position in your current career field that lets you focus on what you’re most interested in. All professions have specializations, and if there’s an area in your field you would enjoy specializing in, chances are there’s an online certificate program or online degree program that can help you acquire the specialized skills you’ll need.

Make New Connections

Getting to know other professionals in your field can help make your work more meaningful and enjoyable. After all, it’s nice to have people to talk to who understand your work and can help you through challenges. While you can meet professionals at conferences and events sponsored by professional organizations, online education offers a unique opportunity to meet classmates who are at a career phase similar to your own. These classmates can become a vital part of your professional network.

Embrace Outside Interests

Education isn’t just about helping your career. It’s about elevating your entire life. In fact, research shows that lifelong learning can improve our emotional balance and help us avoid depression.3 In that regard, earning a degree online can be valuable to your overall happiness even if the degree doesn’t directly relate to your job. If you’re studying a subject that has always interested you, chances are it will help improve your mood—which will likely make going to work easier.

Improve the World

One of the surest keys to happiness is helping others.4 And the right degree from the right college or university can help you help others through your job. Whether you choose to make a career change to a field focused on helping people or whether you earn a degree that can give you the skills you need to be active in your employer’s philanthropic endeavors, continued education can help you improve the world. And that’s particularly true if you attend an online school that’s focused on social change, such as Walden University. When one of the core missions of an institution is making the world a better place, you can be certain your degree will prepare you to incorporate more altruism into your work.

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