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8 Ways Walden Supports Its Online Students

Comprehensive student support services help adult learners find success on their journey to earn a degree.

No matter how accomplished they are, actors often have a long list of people to thank when they accept their Oscar. Even if we’re not award-winning performers, most of us have our lists, too. Someone—often a lot of someones—helped us get where we are today.

As an adult professional intent on earning a degree for career advancement, you may be wondering if—and where—you’ll find the student support you need to realize your dreams. When you choose Walden University for your college degree online, there’s no “if.” Walden’s student support services are behind you from pre-enrollment to post-graduation.

8 Ways Walden Supports Its Online Students

Here are eight of Walden’s student support services:

1. Enrollment Specialists

When you’re ready to earn a degree online, Walden’s team of Enrollment Specialists stands ready to support you. An Enrollment Specialist will explain admission requirements, provide information about online classes and programs, guide you through the application process, and answer any of your questions. A financial aid advisor will explain the options available to help you fund your college degree. You’ll find out how to apply for federal student aid and learn about grants and loans, Walden University scholarships, and limited-time tuition savings opportunities. And like all of Walden’s student support services, your admissions team is just a call or click away.

2. Office of Academic Support

Exceptional academic services await you as you embark on your bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree program. At Walden’s Academic Skills Center, you’ll find academic skills courses, seminars, and workshops. Doctoral Peer Mentors are available to help guide incoming doctoral degree students. And understanding that one size does not fit all, Walden offers personalized support and individual tutoring services as part of its comprehensive online learning support.

3. Academic Writing Support

Come tune up your academic voice at Walden’s Writing Center. The information-rich hub directs undergraduate and graduate school students to the specific writing services they need. This student support center provides one-on-one paper reviews, live chat, live and archived webinars, instructional modules, writing instruction pages, and more.

4. Library Research Support

Earning a degree online from Walden University means you’ll have instant access to more than 4.8 million dissertations, over 189,000 electronic books, more than 91,000 full-text journals, and more than 170 research databases. And Walden provides the tools—including tutorials and webinars—to help you effectively navigate its online library and external databases.

5. Research Support Services

As a Walden student, you’ll have access to a wide range of online services and the advice of trained research staff. Whether you’re looking for an article to supplement your required reading or are conducting scholarly research for your capstone or dissertation, Walden’s Center for Research Quality can assist you.

6. Facebook Groups

The accredited university’s 150-plus Facebook Groups form a network that helps connect Walden students living in the U.S. and more than 120 countries. These virtual meeting places provide a private space to find support from your peers and Walden faculty. You’ll also find plenty of information to guide you on your higher education journey. Students, prospective students, and alumni get started by visiting Walden’s user-friendly Facebook Group Finder

7. Technical Assistance

Technology makes earning a degree a reality for working professionals like you, since you can log in and participate in coursework on your schedule—morning, noon, or night. That’s why Walden’s technical support team is available 24/7, ready to help you navigate Walden’s online learning environment and assist you with any administrative and technical issues. Participate in a self-paced online orientation that introduces you to Walden’s online platform. Find help locating textbooks, assignments, and other learning materials essential to your studies. Learn how to access other Walden student resources. Get the student support you need by phone, e-mail, and online chat.

8. Career Planning and Development

Whether you’re interested in changing careers or advancing in your current one, you’ll find support at Walden’s Career Services Center. Career management services include professional assessments to help you identify your skills and strengths, one-on-one counseling, interview training, résumé writing assistance, and webinars on topics such as building your professional brand.

Get Ready to Take a Bow

Walden is committed to helping you develop the skills you need to thrive as a professional in the 21st century. Comprehensive student support is part of that commitment. Realize your highest aspirations—your own version of Oscar-winning success—with Walden, a partner who’s with you every step of the way.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering certificate programs and bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs online. Expand your career options and earn your degree using a convenient, flexible learning platform that fits your busy life.

Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission,