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A Good Online Education Doesn’t End at Graduation

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A Good Online Education Doesn’t End at Graduation

After you earn your degree online, your university’s alumni association connects you to your alma mater and to other graduates in your profession. The advantages can last for years.

If you’re thinking about pursuing an education online at an accredited university, include the school’s alumni organizations and support networks as part of your research. The support of a strong alumni network can boost your career in ways you may not be able to anticipate yet—but it’s valuable to consider these relationships as a fundamental part of your online education.

Here are some ways an accredited university’s alumni association can benefit you, both personally and professionally, for years to come.

A Good Online Education Doesn’t End at Graduation

Career Networking
When it comes to your career, your college or university’s online alumni association can help you get and stay connected to other alumni that can provide you with valuable networking opportunities in the future.

Tuition Reduction
If you’re planning far enough ahead, you may already know that you’re going continue your education and earn a more advanced degree through an online program at your university in the future. Some online colleges and universities offer tuition discounts and waived enrollment fees through their alumni associations. Even if you aren’t planning to enroll in an online degree program at the moment, you may change your mind—so plan ahead and find out whether your alumni association offers similar benefits.

Special Events
From seminars to happy hours, online colleges and universities regularly host regional events where alumni can learn, socialize, and network in person. These types of events, some of them specific to graduates of certain online degree programs, often feature speakers that can inspire you to boost your career in new ways.

Alumni Libraries
If you’re a researcher, or think you may need academic research resources in the future, a robust alumni program can be important: Some accredited colleges and universities provide alumni with no-cost, 24-hour access to their online libraries. But you may need to be a member of the alumni association to take advantage of this benefit. This benefit won’t just save you the trouble of signing up for academic journals and other research portals—it can save you money as well.

Alumni Directories
Whether you connect virtually or in person, you’re likely to meet students you’ll want to remain in contact with as you pursue your online degree program. If you lose touch, your college or university’s alumni directory will help you find them after you graduate. It will also give you a way to contact other graduates who can connect you with professional opportunities in your area.

Alumni Publications
Alumni publications may not sound like something important while you’re in the middle of completing your online degree program, but once you graduate, they provide an important source of inspiration, insight, and news about your alma mater and fellow graduates. With stories about how other graduates are putting their online education to work, alumni publications demonstrate how your alma mater is bringing its mission to life.

Your alumni association provides a way for you to stay involved with your alma mater and your fellow graduates. From mentorship programs to volunteer opportunities, your diploma is just the start of what your online education can do for your future.

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