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What Are the Top Five Benefits of Going to College Online?

Whether you’re a 28-year-old ready to start college for the first time or you’re a 35-year-old business manager and single mom eager to advance your career with a master’s degree, you’ll find that going to college online is a very smart choice, loaded with life-changing benefits. The quality, quantity, and deliverability of online degree programs are advancing and improving at the speed of light. Online education eliminates many obstacles to going back to school and achieving your career goals.

Although there are many benefits of going to college online, we have selected the top five:

What Are the Top Five Benefits of Going to College Online?

Benefit No. 1: Balancing Work, Family, and School

An online university understands who their students are and what they need to succeed. 60% of students who pursue a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree online work full time; another 20% work part time.1 Many are married and have children. Their lives are a balancing act, so time management is a required skill for success. Working adults can benefit from some extra help and online universities are making sure they deliver it with accelerated programs, competency-based learning, multiple start dates throughout the year, support services geared toward adult students, and the ease and convenience of being able to “attend” class anytime.

Benefit No. 2: Quality of Online Education

In a 2018 survey of 1,500 online students, 86% felt that the value of their degree equals or exceeds the price they paid for it. Of the students who took online courses and traditional face-to-face, 85% felt that learning online is as good or better than attending courses on campus.2 The online faculty at institutions like Walden University is comprised of seasoned scholar-practitioners who use their teaching skills to integrate valuable lessons from the business world into the online classroom.

Benefit No. 3: Flexibility to Learn and Study Anytime, Anywhere

Successful online degree programs are built on an infrastructure of cutting-edge distance learning technology. No longer tied to a desktop or laptop computer, distance learning keeps pace with active students by providing easy access to classes, forums, and podcasts from their indispensable mobile devices.

Leading online institutions like Walden University deliver cutting-edge technology that matches your individual learning style. Thanks to Walden’s exclusive MobileLearn® technology, your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, or iPod touch are now convenient extensions of an “anytime, anywhere” online learning experience.

Benefit No. 4: Degree Acceleration Programs

More than 80% of online undergraduate students have transfer credits from previous college courses that can be applied to their degree requirements to help complete their degree faster.*

But that’s just one facet of degree acceleration. Going to college online at Walden University, for instance, means that you’ll also receive transferrable credit for your work, life, and military experiences if they are relevant to your chosen degree. “Life credits,” along with your transferred college credits, can meet up to 75% of the requirements for your bachelor’s degree and up to 50% for your graduate degree. Imagine being able to resume your bachelor’s degree as a college senior! For details, visit Walden’s Center for Degree Acceleration.

Benefit No. 5: An International Classroom

An online university provides unique opportunities for students to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas with fellow students from diverse cultures around the world. The unique worldwide reach of online degree programs exposes students to an incredible depth of knowledge and insights on a global scale, enriching their college experience and better preparing them for challenging positions with international companies and organizations.

Wide Selection of Online Degree Programs

Take a closer look at the variety of college degree programs offered at Walden University, including bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, doctoral degrees, endorsement programs, and specialized certificate programs.

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