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10 Quick Ways to Improve Your Life

Enroll in an online course, work for social change, or find another path to growth.

Little steps can take us a long way. Just ask the originators of The New One Minute Manager or the 7 Minute Workout app. So, if you’re interested in making some life improvements—developing a talent, advancing your career, or stretching your abilities in another way—a few small strides can help get you on your way.

And to help inspire you, here are 10 quick ways to improve your life:

  • Target your time.
    Take a few minutes to let ideas flow onto paper or your computer screen. How do you want to improve your life? Don’t judge or edit your ideas. And keep the list short. No one needs another guilt-inducing to-do list. Choose an item that inspires enthusiasm and you’ve taken the first step toward achieving your goal.
  • Learn something new.
    For many of us, self-improvement involves lifelong learning of some sort. Do you want to hone your leadership skills? An accredited institution like Walden University offers dozens of individual online courses through its School of Lifelong Learning. Some of the online class offerings are for credit; others are noncredit professional development courses. If your self-improvement goal is to learn or perfect a hobby, dive into YouTube for video tutorials on subjects from A to Z.
  • Tie up a loose end.
    Sometimes, you don’t have to start anything new to improve your life. Is there an unfinished task that’s keeping you up at night? Too much unfinished business can be a source of anxiety. Finish a small project. The satisfaction and relief you feel may even inspire you tackle another.
  • Find your flock.
    Improve your life by joining a professional organization. A few clicks can have you networking with people with insights into the workplace challenges you may be facing. And you can share your experiences to help others. You also may find opportunities for career development or advancement. Ask your online university about alumni chapters, find groups on LinkedIn, or join professional organizations like the American Nurses Association.
  • Take five.
    Find five self-improvement minutes a few days each week to organize a kitchen drawer or your Dropbox folders. Update your calendar, pull weeds, review your budget, or whatever takes you a few steps into improve-your-life, feel-good territory.
  • Make music.
    Playing or learning to play an instrument can help tune your focus and problem-solving abilities.1 Those are benefits most of us would welcome. Plunk away at a keyboard or strum a ukulele to reap these life enhancements.
  • Move it.
    Don’t groan; we’ll make it quick. A 10-minute walk can help clear your head and advance your fitness level and fitness tracker. Enough said.
  • Do for others.
    Giving back to your community improves life for everyone, including you. Studies show that volunteering boosts dopamine, one of the brain’s “feel good” neurotransmitters.2 Connect with a nonprofit organization, participate in your religious community’s social outreach, or become a mentor. Make social change a part of your life-improvement plan. A little effort can go a long way.
  • Be quiet.
    Life can be noisy—literally and figuratively. Taking a few minutes to engage in mindfulness is another quick way to reduce anxiety and improve your life.3 Get started by sitting or reclining in a quiet place, closing your eyes, and breathing. Try it for a minute or two or three. Find instruction and ideas at Mindful or on popular apps like Calm and Headspace.
  • Earn a degree.
    Sure, working toward a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree takes time. But making that first call to an enrollment advisor is a quick way to start improving your life. And an accredited online university is a great option for working professionals with higher education goals.

Walden University provides the flexibility to earn a degree while staying engaged in your career and personal life. With a laptop and internet connection, you can log in to your online courses where and when it works for you. Variety is another Walden feature. You’ll find over 80 online degree programs to help you tailor your education to your career goals.

If you want to earn a bachelor’s degree, you can choose from 15 Walden undergraduate online degree programs in business, education, nursing, health sciences, and other in-demand areas. Are you ready to move up to a master’s? Find postsecondary education opportunities in more than 35 online master’s degree programs. And if your self-improvement goal is to earn a doctorate, you can choose one of Walden’s 25 online doctoral degree programs.

Walden also offers over 55 online certificate programs, which can be a quick, cost-effective way to build skills and knowledge.

Small steps can lead to big strides and then to life-changing accomplishments. If education is the path to improving your life, earning a degree online can help transport you to your goal.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering certificate programs and bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs online. Expand your career options and earn your degree using a convenient, flexible learning platform that fits your busy life.


Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission,