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Sharing Your Online Degree Experience: Inspiring Referral Stories

Read some of the inspiring referral stories of Walden University graduates.

Sometimes the most powerful, thoughtful gifts we can give to others are things that transcend material goods. They come in forms such as spending quality time together, volunteering your efforts to good causes, or even extending a helping hand to the ones who need it most. And sometimes, encouraging those nearest and dearest to earn a degree can be a gift that they carry for a lifetime. That’s because when you refer a friend, family member, or co-worker to Walden University, you’re encouraging lifelong learning.

Get inspired to make a difference in lives of those you care about by reading the impassioned referral stories of members of the Walden community.


Dr. Fredrick Murphy ’17, Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

When Dr. Murphy graduated with his Doctor of Business in Administration (DBA) degree from Walden, he was stationed in Seoul, South Korea. A career serviceman who’s always on the move, Dr. Murphy needed a flexible online learning platform that he could access 24/7 throughout his doctoral program. According to Dr. Murphy, Walden provided this level of accessibility, in addition to high-quality resources and distinguished faculty. As a result of his experience, Dr. Murphy referred eight of his colleagues—two of whom have pursued their degrees at Walden.

Dr. Jennifer DeSouza ’14, PhD in Psychology

With a background in education—including a master’s degree—Dr. DeSouza didn’t always know she wanted to pursue a career psychology. But after watching her mother-in-law foster disadvantaged youth, she was driven to make a difference. That’s when she found Walden and decided to earn her PhD in Psychology. Following her educational journey, Dr. DeSouza went on to refer her niece, her best friend, and a colleague she worked with at a therapeutic residential center for women in Tennessee. After learning that each woman wanted to advance her career by earning an advanced degree, Dr. DeSouza knew that Walden would be a perfect fit.

Dr. Lonnie Brinson ’13, PhD in Public Policy and Administration

After working for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for eight years, Dr. Brinson decided to pursue his doctorate at Walden. Not only did his PhD in Public Policy and Administration coursework give him a better understanding of how policies are developed and applied, but Dr. Brinson also developed the knowledge and confidence he needed to innovate and implement procedures aimed at improving the process of safe travel. That’s why he decided to motivate his TSA colleagues to further their education at Walden. After discussing his experience and the convenience online learning offers working professionals, all three colleagues enrolled in a Walden program.

Kimberly D. Price ’05, MS in Education (MSEd)

As Price worked through her MS in Education (MSEd) degree program, her husband took notice of her excitement and how attentive Walden’s faculty members were to her needs. With Price’s encouragement, he transferred from another online university to Walden to earn his master’s in business administration. Price used her positive experience at Walden—as well as her husband’s—to go on to inspire and refer teachers she worked with, citing the difference her education made in her classroom and in the lives of her students.

Michele Levandusky ’14 and Ingrid Mariano ’14, Master of Business Administration (MBA)

When Levandusky first started pursuing her Master of Business Administration at Walden, she knew her co-worker and friend, Mariano, would be a perfect fit for the program too. After discussing the degree options and resources available at Walden—and the ability to continue working full time—Mariano joined Levandusky on the path of lifelong learning. They encouraged and supported one another throughout their studies, and both graduated in 2014 with MBA degrees. Since then, each woman has referred friends and family alike to Walden University, including one of Levandusky’s daughters, who began pursuing her bachelor’s.

Refer a Friend, Family Member, or Co-Worker to Walden

At Walden, an accredited university, you can earn your degree online while you continue to work full time. That means you can better maintain a work-life balance while you expand your credentials and further your skills. With online learning, there’s no need to rearrange your schedule—you can take classes at whatever time of day works best for you as you pursue your degree and advance your career.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering high-quality online degree programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level, as well as online certificate programs. Expand your career options and earn your degree using a convenient, flexible learning platform that fits your busy life.

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