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7 Ways to Fit More Fun Into Your Life

Ramp up the fun in your work-life balance.

If you’re ever a guest at Yellowstone National Park’s Old Faithful Inn, you’ll find views of the world-famous geyser and enjoy prime proximity to America’s hydrothermal wonderland. What you won’t find at this lodge in Wyoming’s northwest quadrant is Wi-Fi or guaranteed cellphone service. That’s a deal breaker for some prospective guests, but for others, it’s a welcome chance to unplug and free up time for good, old-fashioned analog fun.


Venturing off the beaten path is a great way to eliminate some of the distractions that take the joy out of life. But you don’t have to go that far to make time for fun. Here are seven ways you can simply and incrementally carve out space in your day for activities that bring you joy:

1. Outsmart Your Smartphone
Electronics deliver a lot of fun: streaming services, games, and so much more. But if you’re finding you can’t unplug from work and social media, or just want to diversify your leisure activities, start by turning off notifications on apps that are your biggest unwanted time drains. Some smartphone users move the apps off their home screens. When you’re at home, find a place to park and charge your phone that’s outside of your usual orbit. Establish “no phone zones” for your family. Schedule electronics breaks. Make it a habit to shave off a little screen time whenever you can.

2. Remember: ‘No’ Is a Complete Sentence
As a working professional who may also be earning a degree online, you’re used to carrying a full load. You may be that go-to person who’s always in demand to help out. To say yes to fun, you may need to learn to say no—and mean it. Assess your current commitments. What can you drop or delegate? Will joining that new committee add more stress and upset your work-life balance, or will it bring you joy? There’s nothing wrong with saying “yes” as long as you’re not squelching a great big “no.”

3. Jazz Up Your Routine
Squeeze more fun into your life by reimagining daily activities. Swap the treadmill for a walk with a friend. If you like cooking, spice up a tried-and-true recipe with new ingredients, or surprise your family by serving something zany. How about a spa-themed appetizer? Make housecleaning fun—or more fun if you already enjoy it—by listening to a lighthearted podcast or a favorite comedian’s standup routine. Blast an album that makes you want to dance. Dance.

4. Schedule It
There’s a sense of playfulness and spontaneity to the word “fun,” which is why it may seem counterintuitive to schedule it. But as a working professional, you know that time management is essential. So, carve out time each day for something that will make you smile. Honor the calendar commitment just as you would a deadline for work or for an assignment in an online class.

5. Raid Your PTO Piggybank
You might be banking vacation time for a bucket-list vacation (Yellowstone?) or family reunion, but withdrawing for an afternoon off or a long weekend can go a long way toward managing stress and boosting your fun quotient.

6. Set Your Dial to Autopilot
Automate routine tasks. Set up recurring subscriptions for staples you have delivered to the house; sometimes you’ll even save a little money in the process. When you have the choice, select the auto payment feature when paying your bills. If it suits you as a time-saver, shop online. And watch for deals on autonomous vacuums, because why not avail yourself of as many ways as possible to bank time for fun?

7. Keep the F-U-N in Fun
Do manage your expectations. Make having more fun, fun—not another job. If you’re eager to learn a new language but aren’t sure you have the time for a class, take the pressure off. Spend a few minutes using a free language app instead. With the gamified Duolingo, you can even go for the full fun factor by learning Klingon or High Valyrian, a sure lark for Trekkies and Game of Thrones enthusiasts, respectively. Infuse your days with small bits of fun and you’re sure to want more.

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