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Important Things to Know About Walden Student Wellness and Disability Services

See why students with disabilities turn to Walden for barrier-free access to programs and services.

When you decide to earn your degree from Walden University, you’ll have access to a variety of support services to help you every step of your academic journey. The Student Wellness and Disability Services Office is a resource that works to ensure students with disabilities have barrier-free access to Walden's programs and services. By working with faculty and technicians to make the online classroom as accessible as possible prior to enrollment, Walden provides equal opportunity for students with disabilities. To help you further understand this invaluable resource, here are five important things to know about Walden’s Student Wellness and Disability Services Office.

Important Things to Know About Walden Student Wellness and Disability Services

1. It can provide resources and information on assistive computer software for assistive technology.

Although Student Wellness and Disability Services does not provide software to students, its staff can provide information about software that Walden students and faculty with disabilities have successfully used in the past.

2. The staff purges medical documentation and disability files annually.

Once a student graduates or is listed as inactive, his or her files are moved to archived status. These files are archived for five years following graduation or dismissal, and then they are destroyed. Students who return to Walden after five years are required to re-register with Student Wellness and Disability Services and submit updated documentation.

3. Students experiencing a short-term disability in the form of significant health issue can request leniency.

The Request for Leniency process can be used when a student is dealing with an immediate health issue and wants an instructor to grant extra time on assignment deadlines. Support documents should be submitted to Walden’s medical documentation office—not individual instructors—to ensure confidentiality. The office will verify receipt of medical documentation without disclosing specific health issues to instructors, who will then grant or deny leniency.

4. If you are dealing with a family or medical emergency, you must first contact your instructor.

As soon as you know you will be late with an assignment, you should reach out to your instructor to discuss your situation. Depending on the severity of the emergency, your instructor may provide options for you to complete your work or refer you to Student Wellness and Disability Services for assistance.

5. The venues Walden chooses for in-person residencies meet Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance requirements.

For students attending in-person residencies, it’s important to know that the designated venue meets ADA compliance requirements. Under this act, students who are registered with Student Wellness and Disability Services may be accompanied by their service animal in areas of public access. However, each venue may have specific guidelines that students must adhere to. Should issues arise, Student Wellness and Disability Services can serve as an advocate.

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