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Walden University Insight: Become a Better Academic Writer Using the 5 R’s of Revision

Study alongside Walden University students with this required lesson taken from the Writing Center course Graduate Writing: Basic Composition Skills.

If you can communicate clearly, you can go far in business or academia. But learning to be clear and concise takes time, particularly when it comes to academic writing. That’s why, when choosing a graduate degree program, you should look for one that includes student support services focused on improving your writing skills.

At Walden University, there’s a Writing Center dedicated to helping students hone their skills. With courses focusing on multiple aspects of writing, from general composition to academic writing for graduate students, the Walden Writing Center provides the skills students need most, including the 5 R’s of revision.

Walden University Insight: Become a Better Academic Writer Using the 5 R’s of Revision

What are the 5 R’s of revision? To summarize the lesson offered by the Writing Center, they are:


After writing your rough draft, take a step back and try to see it with a new pair of eyes, specifically looking for places that need work. That’s the very meaning of re-vision.


Dig deep into the ideas, the arguments, the organization, and the coherence of your piece of writing. This aspect of revision is about making the big-picture changes rather than the superficial changes like fixing spelling. Ask yourself if you’re following through on your argument, if your evidence is convincing, if your organization makes sense, etc.


Depending on your specific piece of writing, you may need to make major changes. For instance, you may discover that your piece argues something different than you set out to argue. That’s fine. But you need to go back and create a setup that helps the reader prepare for the argument you ended up making. Of course, some pieces won’t need a major overhaul, particularly smaller pieces like discussion posts. Whether or not you make major revisions is relative to the piece and its needs.


Revision shouldn’t happen just once. You need to revise every piece multiple times and should factor that in when you schedule your writing time.


Revision gives you more than a stronger piece of writing; it can help you feel better about your writing. In fact, revision helps you learn to write by teaching you to identify your own strengths and weaknesses and helping you build analytical- and critical-thinking skills. And the better your writing is, the more rewarding it is to share with others.

How Else Can You Become a Successful Student?

The Walden Writing Center offers a number of resources—webinars, podcasts, automated writing feedback tools, learning modules, and even personal assistance from the Writing Center staff. This particular lesson is just one of the many writing resources you can take advantage of when you attend Walden University. And courses through the Writing Center are just one of the many student support services you’ll enjoy. Walden also offers research support, library support, career planning and development, and more. On top of that, its course content is available through an online learning platform.

What are the advantages of earning a degree online? For one, you don’t have to be close to a campus; instead, online education lets you study from home. Plus, you can choose when in the day you attend class, which gives you the freedom to continue working full time while completing your degree.

From academic writing help to an online research library to the convenience of online courses, Walden provides the tools students need to excel.

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