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Alumni of Walden’s Graduate Programs Are Thriving

Is Walden University a good school? A new Gallup survey shows great results for those with a graduate degree from Walden University.

Why do you want to go back to school? To advance or change your career? To make a better salary? To refocus your life on something that gives you a greater sense of purpose and well-being? These are just a few of the reasons why adult students enroll at traditional or online universities. But how do you choose the best college to help you achieve your goals? Perhaps a survey by Gallup will assure you of Walden University’s strong reputation. It shows that the graduate programs at Walden University can be an excellent choice if you’re looking to improve your career and life.

Gallup’s 2016 study of Walden University surveyed more than 8,000 of Walden’s master’s and doctoral degree graduates who graduated between 1990 and 2015. As part of the study, Gallup also surveyed a nationally representative sample of graduate degree holders from both traditional and online universities. Here is what we learned about Walden:

Alumni of Walden’s Graduate Programs Are Thriving

Walden University graduate degree alumni are more diverse than other graduate degree holders.

Fitting in with Walden’s mission of social change, those who’ve completed a graduate program at Walden are more diverse as a group than are those who earned their graduate degree from other institutions. Specifically, they are more likely to have been first-generation college students, female, and from a racial or ethnic minority group.

Walden graduate degree alumni say their education helped their career.

Seventy percent of Walden graduate degree alumni say their graduate program provided them with the necessary skills and training to advance in their careers. Of those who’ve been promoted in their jobs, Walden graduates are more likely to cite their degree as an important factor in their promotion than are those who graduated from other programs. Likewise, of those who’ve received a salary increase, more Walden graduates than other program graduates cite their education as an important part of receiving the higher salary. The same pattern holds for those who’ve successfully changed their careers. Once again, Walden graduates are more likely to say their graduate degree and education was important to their success than are those who graduated from other institutions.

Walden graduate degree holders have a significant sense of purpose.

While Walden is committed to helping its graduate degree students advance in their careers, the university also believes in helping its students find more purpose in life. Gallup reports that Walden is meeting this goal. More Walden graduate degree alumni than alumni of other universities are, by Gallup’s well-established measurements, thriving in purpose well-being.

How else can Walden benefit you?

You don’t have to wait to be a graduate to benefit from Walden University. When you enroll in a Walden online degree program—whether it’s a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral program—you’ll enjoy all the advantages of Walden’s community and online learning format.

From the university’s Writing Center to its exceptional faculty, you’ll have all the resources you need to excel. In addition, the convenience and flexibility of online education can allow you complete your degree faster than you would at a traditional university, saving you time and money.

If you’re considering going back to school, a reputable college like Walden University can provide you with the learning environment and results you want. As the Gallup survey shows, earning a graduate degree from Walden can make a significant difference in your life and career.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering online bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. Expand your career options and earn your degree in a convenient, flexible format that fits your busy life.

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