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Considering a Career Change? 10 Ways an Online Education Can Help.

From marketable skills to boosting your confidence, here are just some of the ways an online education can help with a career change.

If you’re considering a career change, an online education can help you achieve your goals—without the need to travel to class.

But did you know an online education from an accredited university or college can also connect you with leading experts in the field, help you meet like-minded people, and inspire you with stories of success? Here’s how:

Considering a Career Change? 10 Ways an Online Education Can Help.

  1. You’ll be able to balance work and family commitments.
    An online education is perfect for busy adults interested in a career change. Designed for convenience, studying at an online college or online university will give you the ability to meet work and family commitments while keeping up with your academics.

  2. You can develop the skills and abilities employers want.
    Managers are looking for employees who can be an asset from the start—or immediately put newly learned skills to use. Learning from industry-leading faculty and engaging with other students in similar fields can equip you with additional real-world expertise that makes you more marketable to employers. An online education from an accredited university or college is ideal if you’re interested in changing careers, as it can equip you with the real-world expertise and knowledge today's employers seek.

  3. You’ll discover specializations, concentrations, elective clusters, and more.
    Once you begin your online education, you’ll start learning about specific paths you can explore for your career change, many of which you may not have considered—and many of which build on your existing knowledge in surprising ways.

  4. You’ll get excited.
    If you weren't already looking forward to your career change, an online education will get you even more excited—and excitement leads to ambition. From your course curriculum to in-class discussions, there’s nothing like studying what you’re truly passionate about to inspire you for the next chapter in your career.

  5. You’ll learn from experts in the field.
    When you study at an accredited university or college, your online degree program faculty often consists of recognized leaders in the field. This means your instructors will not only teach well, they’ll be fluent in your chosen field’s latest developments.

  6. You’ll gain confidence.
    Changing careers takes courage and determination. The right online college or university can equip you with the intellectual tools you need to change careers—and the support to succeed in your online education with confidence.

  7. You’ll see firsthand what your new career entails.
    Studying in your chosen field and applying what you’ve learned will show you what’s to come once you make your career change. And on the off chance that you don’t find it as interesting as you imagined, you can often pursue a different path at the same online university.

  8. You’ll meet like-minded individuals.
    An online education provides the opportunity to regularly interact with others who share your academic interests, personal experiences, and professional goals. From class discussions to real-time interactions with instructors and classmates, your career change will come to life as you begin your studies.

  9. You’ll learn about the newest advancements in the field.
    From cutting-edge applications to new research techniques, an online education will familiarize you with the newest innovations in your chosen field. Once you embark on your career change, you’ll be prepared to contribute to your new profession in exciting, meaningful ways.

  10. You’ll see how graduates are using their education.
    A number of online colleges and universities highlight alumni—many of whom pursued high education while balancing work and family commitments—and the things they have accomplished with their online education. Their stories will inspire you as you make your dreams of a new career a reality.

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