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Ways Strong Math Teachers Make a Difference

Learn teaching strategies to make an impact through math.

There are many reasons people want to become a teacher, but making an impact in students’ lives is often the main one. Math can be a hard subject, which means there is great opportunity to make an impact. Let’s look at some approaches that strong math teachers can use to make a difference in the classroom.

Get Kids Excited About Math

For some students, math can be intimating or uninteresting. One thing a strong math teacher can do is get students interested in math.1 For some teachers, this involves bringing technology in the classroom. For others, it means showing students that there is math in many things they do. Whatever your teaching strategy, finding ways to get students excited about math can make a big difference.

Ways Strong Math Teachers Make a Difference

Build Critical Thinking Skills

Most subjects can be mastered simply with memorization. Math, however, is about applying skills to new circumstances. A strong math teacher goes beyond memorization, connecting students to ways they use math in everyday situations and helping them develop critical thinking skills.2 This will benefit students more than just being able to solve math problems.

Here are some of the ways a strong teacher can help students apply math skills to common situations:

Sports and Recreation
Math is prominent in sports. Showing students who enjoy sports the connection between the two can be a great way to get them engaged.3 For example, math is used to generate player statistics, track team and individual successes, and predict the outcome of future contests. A teacher who demonstrates this can help students master important concepts.

Many students want to travel to exotic places, and teachers who can help them understand the connection between math and travel can help them reach their dream destination. For example, math skills are used to calculate fuel usage, understand maps, and manage time differences.4 All of these are important skills any traveler needs.

We all need to learn some basic kitchen skills. Teachers can make a difference by highlighting the math of cooking. Whether it be converting measurements, planning when dishes will be done, or making sure food is heated to a safe temperature, math is an essential part of cooking.5

Strong math teachers can make a difference in students’ lives. Math skills are important for success in advanced education, hobbies, daily activities, and nearly every job. A graduate certificate in mathematics can be a great way to learn new teaching strategies to better engage students in a math curriculum. And earning teaching credentials online allows you to continue working in the classroom while you gain new skills to advance your career.

Math is something we use every day, and getting students excited about it at an early age can set them up for professional success and guide them toward interesting hobbies. A graduate certificate in mathematics can be a great way for teachers to learn new strategies for sparking this excitement and building strong skills.

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