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Teacher Career Paths: Beyond the Bachelor’s Degree

A master’s in teaching can help propel you to the next stage of your teaching career.

As any experienced teacher will tell you, earning certification and entering the classroom is just the first step in a teaching career. Long-term success and career fulfillment take years of work. But there is a way you can help yourself along. You could earn an MS in Education (MSEd).

A master’s in education is a lot more than just another teaching degree. It’s an opportunity to hone skills such as teaching strategy, curriculum design, lesson planning, and student assessment. And it’s also an opportunity to learn specialized skills. In fact, the ability to specialize is one of the top benefits of an MSEd degree program.

Teacher Career Paths: Beyond the Bachelor’s Degree

When you specialize, you’ll not only gain the qualifications you need to focus more of your career on your core interests, you’ll also gain skills that can give you a competitive edge and put you in position to earn a higher salary. Depending on the school of education you attend, a master’s degree in education can allow you to specialize in such fields as:

Adolescent Literacy and Learning
Specialize in ensuring students develop the 21st-century literacy skills that are critical to success in college and future careers.

Curriculum Instruction and Assessment
Specialize in designing standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessments that will help students learn and achieve at the highest levels possible.

Educational Leadership and Administration
Prepare for principal licensure by developing the management, leadership, and advanced instructional skills you need to become an educational leader.

Elementary Reading and Literacy
Specialize in helping P– 6 students achieve the English language arts goals outlined in the Common Core State Standards, National Board Standards, and other state standards.

Elementary Reading and Mathematics
Specialize in teaching the core skills of reading and mathematics to K–6 students.

Integrating Technology in the Classroom
Specialize in using modern technologies to engage, motivate, and teach students.

Mathematics (K–6)
Specialize in developing and using effective techniques to teach math to elementary students.

Mathematics (5–8)
Specialize in helping students excel in mathematics during the critical, middle school years.

Mathematics and Science (K–8)
Specialize in helping young students develop the analytical, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills they need to succeed in the modern world.

Reading Literacy
Specialize in reading and literacy instruction, helping those with reading difficulties gain confidence and competence.

Science (K–8)
Specialize in using inquiry-based learning to teach science to younger students.

Special Education
Grow your ability to provide educational services to students with special needs.

STEM Education (K–8)
Specialize in teaching STEM-related classes, one of the fastest-growing areas of U.S. education.

Teacher Leadership
Develop your leadership abilities and lead with greater confidence in areas such as parent involvement and student achievement.

Teaching English Language Learners
Improve your ability to meet the unique needs of English language learners.

How Can You Earn a Master’s in Education?

When looking at graduate programs for teachers, you should make sure to include institutions offering online learning. Where campus-based master’s in education programs require you to attend classes at a specific time and location, online master’s in education programs offer much more flexibility.

When you earn your master’s in education online, you can complete the majority of your coursework from home. Plus, a master’s in education online program allows you to attend classes at the time of day that works best for your schedule. This level of convenience can give you the time you need to continue working as a full time teacher while earning your education degree.

An MSEd can help you gain marketable teaching skills and focus your teaching career on the areas of education you most enjoy. And thanks to the advantages of online education, earning your master’s is more feasible than ever before.

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