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5 Ways Earning a Master’s Degree in Education Can Make You A Better Teacher

Five Ways Earning an MSEd Can Make You a Better Teacher

Perhaps you’ve just been assigned to teach a new group of students or a new subject area. Or perhaps you’ve been tapped to give your insight and opinions on what should be included in your subject area’s curriculum. If this sounds familiar, a MSEd degree may be a good investment for your career.

By pursuing a master’s degree in education, teachers can not only earn a higher salary, but they can go beyond the theory they learned as an undergraduate and discover how to apply it to inform their teaching techniques and individualized strategies to help students succeed.1

5 Ways Earning a Master’s Degree in Education Can Make You A Better Teacher

Below are five specific ways earning an MS in Education can help you become a better teacher.

  1. SPECIALIZATION. If you are already a teacher, obtaining your Master of Education can allow you to concentrate on gaining knowledge and mastering a particular area of education, such as ESL instruction, special education, educational technology, or research.1
  2. CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT. If you have an interest in learning and researching effective teaching methods, planning and training other teachers, and assessing educational methods and materials, completing a graduate program for teachers can help you obtain the skills for a career in curriculum development. Curriculum developers can have broad influence, as their work often involves carrying out local and federal government educational programs and analyzing and interpreting government rules and regulations for educational programs on a larger scale.2
  3. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT. Another skill area that teachers value is learning how to better manage students in the classroom to create an optimal learning environment. A graduate education degree can give you the opportunity to drill down and focus on understanding the various types of student learning styles, to help you better design your programs and develop innovative techniques for working with a variety of student personalities.3
  4. SUBJECT-AREA FOCUS. An MSEd online can afford you the time, resources, support, and encouragement to study your subject or content area in greater detail—possibly in collaboration with others in your field—which is often not possible in an undergraduate education program.3
  5. ADVANCED INSTRUCTIONAL METHODS. Pursuing an MS in Education is a great opportunity to learn the best teaching strategies for new subject areas or to improve teaching methods for current subjects. These methods can allow you to accommodate educational needs specific to new student populations or new learning environments that you may encounter.4

How a Walden MS in Education Can Help

If you’re an aspiring or experienced teacher interested in earning an MS in Education to sharpen your teaching skills and advance your education career, Walden offers an online Master of Science in Education designed to help you become a better educator.

The Walden online master’s in education program can prepare you to:

  • Design learning experiences that incorporate students’ strengths by building on prior background and addressing the learning needs of a diverse student population.
  • Use data-informed practices to design, implement, and assess differentiated instruction within and across disciplines to promote student learning, critical thinking, and real-world application of knowledge and skills in technology-rich environments.
  • Apply data-informed assessments to monitor student achievement, guide instructional planning, and ensure continuous improvement.
  • Collaborate with families, communities, and other professionals to promote social change.

Walden offers more than a dozen specializations in its online Master of Science in Education program to address a range of professional needs. If you’re concerned that you don’t have time to earn an MS in Education, an online education degree program may be the answer. Unlike earning a Master of Education through a traditional school of education, pursuing a MSED degree online lets you complete the majority of your studies from the convenience of your home.

Plus, the online education master’s degree format allows you to study and complete coursework at your convenience, all while continuing your teaching career.

Earning an online master’s degree in education from Walden University can not only enable you to sharpen your teaching skills, but it can also prepare you for positions in educational leadership. The need for outstanding teachers continues to grow. Completing a MS in Education online can help you enhance your career while helping to meet that demand.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering an online Master of Science in Education (MSEd) degree program. Expand your career options and earn your degree using a convenient, flexible online learning platform that fits your busy life.


Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission,