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How to Choose the Right MHA Degree Specialty

MHA programs offer many specialty areas. Examine your goals when selecting one.

The medical field offers a vast array of career opportunities. One such area that is expected to expand rapidly—18% job growth from 2018 to 20281—is healthcare management and administration. And one of the best ways to advance in the field is earning a Master of Healthcare Administration.

MHA programs most commonly attract those already in the healthcare industry. No matter your level of experience in the field, an MHA is typically considered essential for anyone hoping to rise to an executive level. In addition, an MHA degree can expand job opportunities, make you more attractive to employers, and help you realize your full earning potential.

How to Choose the Right MHA Degree Specialty

MHA programs offer many specialties, which can make choosing one seem daunting. It’s critical, therefore, that you have established clear career goals. Personal and practical considerations must also be taken into account.

Today, accredited online universities like Walden expand the ways in which you can earn an MHA degree. That’s because online universities allow you to earn your degree while studying at home, or from anywhere in the world with internet access, allowing you to continue working. Some also offer competency-based degree programs that allow you to use previous job experience and self-paced coursework to meet required proficiency levels. Depending on the pace you choose, this could enable you to earn your degree more quickly and at a lower cost.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering a Master of Healthcare Administration with several specializations to help you meet your goals:

  • General Program: Provides an overview of the field, including laws and regulations and the latest strategies in the field.
  • Leadership and Organizational Development: Explores strategies for directing and organizing healthcare services.
  • Population Health: Looks at how healthcare services can be provided equitably and efficiently at a time when the U.S. population is aging and costs are rising.
  • Systems and Policy: Takes a big-picture look at the healthcare system and recent reforms.
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Provides practical skills that can help you execute your ideas for improving healthcare delivery.

Medical institutions, medical professionals, and patients need highly qualified administrators to make sure our healthcare system is the best it can be. Online universities give you the opportunity to earn a Master of Healthcare Administration, opening the door to a more fulfilling career.


Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission