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Mark Gordon

Contributing Faculty

College of Management and Technology

Degree Program Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Dr. Gordon is a graduate of Walden University in applied management and decisions sciences with an emphasis in nonprofit administration. He served as the Program Director and as Dean for the doctoral program in the School of Public Policy & Administration. Dr. Gordon is a Core Faculty Member and primarily serves on dissertation committees. His career spans several national and local nonprofit organizations including the American Cancer Society, the Arthritis Foundation, the Marin AIDS Project and the Stop AIDS Project in San Francisco. His specialties include nonprofit governance and administration, leadership development, organizational development, management, resource development for nongovernmental organizations, major gifts development, grant writing, volunteer management, strategic planning and optimal governance practices. Dr. Gordon is a consultant for a variety of private and nonprofit organizations in corporate social responsibility and leadership development and publishes research on international corporate citizenship. Since 2001, Dr. Gordon lives and works from Bangkok, Thailand. Some of his research interests include international nongovernmental organizations and corporate citizenship. He is the Editor for Walden's Journal of Social Change.

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