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How Do I Earn a Second Income With My IT Degree?

There are a lot of ways to make money with an information technology degree.

IT professionals help keep the modern world up and running. It’s no surprise that employment numbers for computer and information technology occupations are growing at a faster-than-average rate.* But what does this mean for you? It means that if you have an information technology degree, you could make money through your full-time job and through part-time and contract work.

For IT professionals, there are plenty of ways to earn a secondary income. Take a look at some of the most common.

How Do I Earn a Second Income With My IT Degree?

  • IT Consulting
    IT consulting is big business, but it can also be a profitable side business. Many smaller companies and sole proprietorships rely on technology, which means they occasionally need help setting up networks and keeping everything running optimally. You can seek out freelance IT consulting opportunities in your area and schedule your time so that you help your clients on evenings and weekends.
  • Tech Support
    From virtual help desks to software support, there are numerous opportunities for those with technological skills to help others solve common problems. A number of tech support companies allow you to work from home at hours that won’t conflict with your other obligations.
  • Home Computer and Network Repair
    Being tech-savvy means being in demand. You’ve probably helped a number of friends and family members with their computer and home network problems. Why not make that kind of help your side job? You can set up your own website advertising your services and use word of mouth to find local customers. Many people are glad to pay an expert to come to their home rather than taking their equipment into a store and paying high rates for service.
  • Technical Writing and Editing
    Your IT experience gives you a deep base of technical knowledge that you can use to find freelance technical writing and editing jobs. Numerous companies need people to write and edit everything from operations manuals to installation instructions to FAQ pages. Many companies post these opportunities on job boards or on sites linking freelancers with work.
  • Online Teaching
    Everything from online information technology degree programs to online seminars and workshops need instructors. With your IT degree, you may be qualified for a number of these positions. Many educational institutions pay by the class, which makes online teaching an excellent way to earn extra income.
  • Website Design/Programming
    If you have a degree in information technology or experience with websites, you can seek out freelance web design and programming jobs. Many small businesses and individuals need someone to set up their website but don’t have the budget to hire a large firm. This creates an opportunity for people like you. You can promote your services online and/or join sites that link freelancers with clients.
  • App Development
    It seems like there’s a new or improved app every day. Many developers hire freelancers to help them develop their apps. You can seek out opportunities with these developers, or you can try your hand at developing your own app. A truly original game or tool can earn you a good bit of extra money.
  • Game Development
    Much like apps, new games seem to appear all the time. The bigger games require legions of programmers, developers, network engineers, and testers. Because of the effort required to launch a new game, freelancers with information technology degrees are often brought in to help. You can check out freelance job boards to find opportunities that fit your skills. Some opportunities pay a set rate and some require you to bid for the job.
  • File Conversions
    When formats change, many people are left with photos, music, and other files that are not compatible with current technology. You can make money scanning photos, converting CDs to MP3s, turning PDFs into Word docs, transferring old files to new machines, and helping people move their files to a cloud-based system. You can advertise your services online and offline and/or seek out opportunities that are posted on help-wanted sites.

Another Way to Improve Your IT Career

Succeeding as an IT professional is all about having the right skills and knowledge. That’s why it’s a good idea to enroll in an information technology degree program. The right information technology degree can greatly improve your chances of career success. And you don’t even have to upend your life to earn one. With an online IT degree, you can take advantage of all the convenience and flexibility of online learning. Not only can you learn from home while you earn your online information technology degree, you can save yourself time and money. That’s true whether you’re earning a BS in Information Technology, an MS in Information Technology, or a Doctor of Information Technology (DIT) online.

Earning a second income is about making the most of your skills. With the right information technology degree, you can gain the skills needed for the best job opportunities.

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