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Who Chooses a Public Health Career and How Can an Online Degree Program Help?

Online Public Health and Health Sciences Degree Programs Prepare Working Students for Rewarding Careers in a Broad Range of Local and Global Settings

Public health is a diverse field that attracts people from different educational and professional backgrounds. Even though these professionals may have undergraduate degrees in areas of study other than public health, they can continue their educations at the graduate level through online public health and health sciences degree programs at an accredited online university. These programs provide graduates with the specific knowledge and skills needed to work effectively in the public health field—and to help make a positive difference in their organizations or in the greater community.

Who Chooses a Public Health Career and How Can an Online Degree Program Help?

Public Health Professionals May Start From a Variety of Disciplines

  • Nurses who work in private practice or hospitals can become public health nurses involved in a variety of initiatives, such as monitoring health trends, identifying health risk factors unique to a community, setting local priorities for health-related interventions, advocating for the improvement of health services access for underserved communities, designing and implementing health education campaigns and disease prevention activities, and much more.
  • Statisticians can become public health biostatisticians and research issues relating to the health of individuals or members of a certain population. Their research in disease epidemiology can help determine the best ways to deliver treatment.
  • Ecologists can become environmental scientists who investigate how the environment affects human health and disease. Their important work aids in protecting communities from environmental health hazards.
  • Business managers can become public health administrators and managers who are responsible for assessing community health issues, developing outreach and educational programs, writing grant proposals, and creating reports on healthcare trends and program results.
  • Education professionals can become health educators who develop, manage, and provide health education programs for a variety of populations. They may work in academic environments, but more often choose roles in public health settings to educate communities and families on how to maintain healthy lifestyles.
  • Journalists can position themselves as experts in public health, focusing on publishing articles that help spread health information through the Internet, social channels, print media, radio, and television.

Enrolling in graduate-level online public health and health sciences degree programs helps these and other professionals build on their existing skills, enabling them to focus their careers in the public health field.

Many Public Health Careers—One Common Goal

Despite their varied skills and roles, public health professionals share a common goal: their desire to use their strengths and passions to make a positive, lasting impact on their community, their country, and the world.

Public health professionals are accomplished health specialists, advisors, advocates, researchers, scientists, teachers, communicators, and administrators who make a difference by:

  • Reducing the impact of global epidemics and natural disasters
  • Educating populations about how diseases spread and how to prevent transmission
  • Advancing environmental health
  • Creating healthier communities
  • Addressing healthcare and health outcome disparities

Accredited universities like Walden offer online public health and health sciences degree programs that prepare students to launch or advance their public health careers. Walden’s graduates learn the specific decision-making and leadership skills relevant for positions in healthcare services, research, education, and communications on a global scale.

Online Public Health and Health Sciences Degree Programs

Walden University offers a broad range of online public health and health sciences degree programs:

Doctoral Degrees

Master’s Degrees

Bachelor’s Degrees

Graduate Certificates

Walden University is an accredited institution focused on furthering the education of working professionals through online learning. Explore Walden University's online public health and health sciences degree programs and specialized certification programs that fit your career goals. Earn your degree in a convenient, flexible format that fits your life and schedule.