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How Can I Earn A Second Income With My Education Degree

A degree in education opens up multiple ways to earn extra money.

Being an educator isn’t just about being in the classroom. So why should your income be solely tied to classroom teaching? It doesn’t have to be. In fact, there are all kinds of ways to earn money with your education degree.

If you’re looking to earn a second income or just need a way to make some extra money for the holidays or summer, you may want to consider one or more of the below opportunities. There is a lot you can do with your education degree.

How Can I Earn A Second Income With My Education Degree

Edit and/or Write Education Content
As an educator, you’re an expert. As such, you can use your expertise to gain freelance writing and/or editing work. Everything from education journals to test-prep centers to educational institutions to educator-focused websites need qualified educators to write and edit content. Typically, you can charge by the hour or by the project.

Sell Teaching Materials and Courses
Educators need the help of other educators. Thanks to Internet commerce, you can sell your already-designed teaching materials to other educators. You can also create new materials that fit an obvious need. Likewise, you can design entire courses and sell them online. If you put up enough materials and/or courses for sale, they can become a regular source of income.

Teach Online
Online education is increasingly common. In the U.S., 32.9% of undergraduate students and 38% of graduate students are currently enrolled in online courses.1 In addition, 83% of U.S. high schools offer at least one online course.2 Many educational institutions hire online instructors on a per-class basis, making online teaching jobs an excellent way to supplement other income.

Work as a Tutor
There are always students who need extra help with learning. You can provide the help these students need by working in your spare time as a tutor. You can market yourself as a private tutor or you can take advantage of tutoring jobs through a local learning center.

Teach Test-Prep Courses
SAT. ACT. GRE. GED. There are a lot of standardized tests. And there a lot of students looking for quality test preparation. With your experience as an educator, you can get an evening or weekend job at one of the nation’s many test preparation centers. You can also teach test preparation courses online through a variety of educational sites.

Become a Grader or Test Scorer
Once all those standardized are taken, they have to be graded. Many standardized tests include essays or other written sections that can’t be scored with a computer. As an educator, you can get a temporary position scoring the written sections of statewide and/or nationally administered standardized tests.

Create Educational Technology
Have you ever had the thought: you know what this class really needs …? Or: you know what would make teaching this easier …? If you have, you might be able to turn your observation into an innovation. There is always a market for new teaching and/or learning tools—particularly those that utilize technology. While developing new educational technology can be time-consuming, the rewards can make it more than worth your while.

Lead Guided Tours
As an educator, you know how to convey knowledge. This makes you more than qualified to lead tours of historic landmarks, city sights, or museum exhibitions. Being a tour guide can be an excellent way to make additional income during your region’s tourist seasons.

Work as a Public Speaker
Numerous companies and nonprofits hire speakers to give presentations or lectures. Since educators tend to be excellent communicators, you can turn public speaking into a profitable side job. Some companies hire speakers directly by placing ads, while others use firms that specialize in providing qualified speakers.

How Else Can You Improve Your Education Career?

If you’re looking to get more out of your education career—or start a career in education—you should consider earning an online education degree. Not only can an online education degree program give you knowledge and skills you need to succeed, you can take advantage of all the convenience and flexibility of online learning.

Through an online university, you can earn such degrees as an MS in Education as well as post-master’s education specialist degrees (EdS) in early childhood education, educational technology, special education, and more. You can even earn your Doctor of Education (EdD) or PhD in Education online.

Earning the right education degree can put you on track to a successful education career. And it can open up plenty of opportunities to earn a second income.

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