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Which Professional Group Should I Join if I Have a Business Degree?

The right professional group can help you throughout your business career.

The business world is dynamic, and staying on top of your game is essential. That’s why so many in the business world join business professional groups. These organizations are an excellent way to keep up with new ideas, advance your skills, and network with leaders in your field. Whether you’ve been a business professional for years or whether you’ve just enrolled in a business degree program, joining a professional group can help you achieve success in your career.

What business professional groups can do for students

While business professional groups vary in their structure and what they offer members, many provide a number of resources for business students. Some have student leadership opportunities that can help you learn about different areas of your chosen field, while many host prominent conventions or conferences that give you the chance to network with business professionals and attend talks, panels, and workshops. Plus, a number of business professional groups provide members-only listings of internships and job openings.

Which Professional Group Should I Join if I Have a Business Degree?

Students who are enrolled in an online business degree program may find it particularly easy to take advantage of these opportunities, thanks to the flexibility of online learning. If you’re earning an online business management degree or other online business degree, you should feel free to make the most of your flexible schedule and participate in a professional business organization.

What business professional groups can do for professionals

Business professional groups provide everything from training resources to networking opportunities to healthcare assistance to policy advocacy. Every group is different, but they all exist to help businesses succeed and grow, and help you improve your chances for career success.

Choosing the business professional group that’s right for you

There is an association or organization for every type of business professional. Here are a few of the largest and most active.

General Professional Business Groups

Business Network International
As the world’s largest business networking group, BNI helps companies and individuals increase business through referrals.

National Association for the Self-Employed
The NASE helps entrepreneurs and small businesses by providing a wide range of resources and benefits, such as connecting members to experts.

National Business Association
The NBA is committed to linking small businesses and the self-employed with support programs, resources, and benefits such as healthcare.

Field-Specific Professional Business Groups

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Known for being the world’s largest organization representing the accounting profession, the AICPA offers career development and professional credentialing.

American Management Association
With a wide variety of management training programs for every type of work environment, the AMA is committed to the professional development of its members.

American Marketing Association
The AMA is a worldwide organization that publishes scholarly journals, hosts regular conferences, provides career training, and educates its members in all facets of the marketing industry.

Association for Financial Professionals
In addition to hosting the world’s largest networking event for corporate finance professionals, AFP provides training services, establishes credentialing standards, and advocates for policy beneficial to the financial industry.

Association of Information Technology Professionals
AITP focuses on professional development, support of IT education, and the creation of national IT policies that help the industry and society.

International Association of Business Communicators
Serving professionals in the business communication field, IABC hosts an annual world conference and provides members with educational offerings, certifications, and an extensive resource library.

How you can learn more about business

Earning an online business degree can be one of the best ways to learn more about business. Online universities offer a broad range of business degrees, including online MBAs and other online management degree programs, as well as degrees in specialized disciplines such as accounting. This means you can advance your education in a convenient and flexible format that doesn’t require you to uproot your life.

By earning the right online business degree and joining the right business professional group, you can improve your chances of career success.

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