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7 Easy Ways Business Managers Can Help Their Company Go Green

If you own or manage a business, you may be wondering how to create a healthier workplace and reduce waste. Here are seven easy ways you and your employees can go green.

The new black is definitely green! With a greater focus on the environment, more and more companies are going green. As a result, businesses are conserving natural resources, reducing waste, and even creating a healthier workplace. If you’re an entrepreneur who owns a small business, or a business manager looking to implement some meaningful changes, going green may be easier than you think.


To help get you going, here are seven easy ways to become a greener company¬—from reusing mugs and silverware to choosing eco-friendly vendors.

  • Power down—or switch to laptops
    Done for the day? Direct employees to save power by shutting down desktop computers—screens and all—instead of simply putting them to sleep. Even better: Switch to laptops. With their energy-saving batteries and LCD screens, laptop computers use approximately 80% less energy than desktop computers,1 making them a great choice for companies interested in going green.
  • Reuse
    Save landfill space, natural resources, and money by replacing paper and plastic cups with reusable mugs and glasses. The same goes for paper plates and plastic cutlery. Another easy way to go green? Instead of discarding old office furniture, donate it or reach out to your local Freecycle group to give it to someone looking for exactly what you’re giving away.
  • Encourage public transit
    Using public transit is an easy, effective way for employees to reduce their carbon footprint. According to the American Public Transportation Association, an individual with a 20-mile round-trip commute can reduce their annual CO2 emissions by a whopping 4,800 pounds per year by switching to public transportation.2 Most public transportation systems offer programs that enable employers to provide discounted or pre-tax fare cards to their employees.
  • Recycle everything you can
    Before throwing anything out, stop and think if it can be recycled. Recycling goes far beyond plastic, glass, aluminum, and paper. You’d be amazed how much can be recycled (drink pouches, snack wrappers, computers, ink cartridges, and much more). A little research can yield big results in terms of reducing your waste and you may be pleasantly surprised just how easily employees jump on the bandwagon.
  • Switch to green cleaning products
    Conventional cleaning products are packed with chemicals that, when they enter our natural environment, are toxic to plant and animal life. They can also cause allergic reactions in employees. Green cleaners can be just as effective at polishing, disinfecting, and deodorizing and are gentler on the environment and the people who work for you. Save money by making your own green cleaners with common household ingredients, such as vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, and essential oils.
  • Choose green partners and vendors
    Once you’ve made the decision to become a green company and have started implementing eco-friendly changes, the next natural step is to select partners and vendors that share your environmental vision. From the energy sources used to power delivery vehicles to environmentally friendly workplace policies, more and more businesses are going green. Ask potential partners and vendors what they’re doing to become more sustainable.
  • Change your culture
    Going green in the office starts with changing the culture of your workplace. In other words, get people to start thinking green. Start with small changes and encourage employees to think outside the box in terms of ways to go green. Recognize good ideas. Celebrate environmental achievements and milestones. Going green is an ongoing process that can be achieved through innovative leadership and enthusiastic teamwork.

When it comes to education, give yourself the green light!

From lowering your carbon footprint to implementing innovative eco-friendly workplace policies, the right education can equip you with the skills you need to lead your business in innovative new ways that can have a big impact on your community and the world.

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2Source: American Public Transportation Association, Public Transportation Reduces Greenhouse Gases and Conserves Energy (PDF)

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