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Make a Champion Out of Your Organization With a Project Manager

Bring in your projects on time and on budget.

Ask executives if they want their business to be described as a "champion" or an "underperformer" and the choice is easy. But what defines a "champion"? According to The Project Management Institute®(PMI), champions are defined as “organizations with 80% or more of projects being completed on time and on budget and meeting original goals and business intent." Underperformers, on the other hand, have 60% or less of their projects falling into these same categories.1

Champion businesses see their goals realized in a timely manner that helps the business without drawing upon unexpected resources. In contrast, underperformers have more projects that languish, dig into the budget, and don't help the bottom line if and when they get completed.


PMI credits one big difference that sets champions apart from underperformers: project management. Effectively implementing a strategy is directly linked to having a skilled manager who is able to complete projects and programs. Companies are catching on to this reality, employing more effective leadership. At the same time, PMI says that its survey shows more projects are meeting the original goals within budgets.

Success breeds success, and as businesses reap the rewards of project management, the demand for project managers is expected to increase.

Walden University offers one of the few online project management master's degree programs to be certified by the Global Accreditation Center of PMI. As the world's leading association of project management professionals, PMI sets high standards for the profession.

Graduates of Walden’s program are prepared to demonstrate skill in conducting projects within an organization and to develop solutions to meet a company's goals. They learn how to manage projects from start to finish as well as evaluate environmental and social impacts and rewards.

In a complicated and competitive world, companies need someone they can trust to shepherd vital projects to completion. Explore Walden’s MS in Project Management and become a leader of champions.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering an MS in Project Management degree program online. Expand your career options and earn your degree in a convenient, flexible format that fits your busy life.


Walden University’s MS in Project Management program is accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI)® Global Accreditation Center (GAC) for Project Management Education Programs. PMI GAC is the world’s leading specialized accrediting body for project management education and related degree programs, affirming that Walden’s curriculum meets rigorous quality standards established by the GAC.