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5 Important Qualities of a Project Manager

The most sought-after project manager traits and how to get them

Top project manager traits include a blend of education, professional expertise, and personal qualities to meet typical and atypical challenges in every type of project. If you're thinking about starting or advancing in a project management career, or are wondering if you're ready to sit for the PMI certification exam, here are five important qualities of a project manager to keep in mind:



Every project involves multiple moving pieces, from scheduling and resource management to risk management to cash flow, and those are only a few elements of the project life cycle. Project managers need to arrange all the parts into an organized flow at the start of the project and make adjustments that keep the team and the project on track along the way.


Change is inevitable, and the ability to adapt is essential. Whether the situation entails moving goalposts or shifting deadlines, a skilled project manager plans for changes in the project landscape and makes them.


Project managers need to achieve and prove their competence in order to successfully lead a team. That means staying current with general leadership trends and with industry-specific trends and standard project management tools.


Visionary people are able to see and comprehend the big picture, the minutiae, and the various ways forward. A project manager who has vision is able to look at a project from all angles and see the potential pitfalls and possible solutions. This helps other people involved with the project see and understand them, too.


The most competent, visionary, progressive project managers can only go so far with limited communication and people skills. Being able to speak and to listen with clarity, respect, and empathy sets the foundation for a positive and productive work environment.

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