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How Can I Earn a Second Income With My Management Degree?

A business management degree creates plenty of opportunities to earn additional money.

Management is not just an occupation; it’s a necessary part of any successful business. That’s why there are so many job opportunities for those holding business management degrees. But why stop at your day job? Your knowledge of management puts you in a unique position to make additional money from part-time work. If you’re looking for a way to earn a second income—or just want to pay off a big expenditure quickly—you might consider the opportunities below. Having a degree in business management means having plenty of ways to earn a living.

Management Consulting
It’s not just the big businesses that need consultants. Small businesses across the nation seek out experts to help them design and implement management solutions. With your business degree management expertise, you can start your own part-time consultancy or you can join one of the online sites that link consultants with small businesses seeking management help.

How Can I Earn a Second Income With My Management Degree?

Farmers or Flea Market Vendor
You know how to manage a business, so why not start your own? Local farmers and flea markets rent out booths to vendors of all varieties. You could sell a unique product or create a mini-restaurant serving a cuisine you know people attending the market will crave.

Direct Seller
Direct selling includes a lot more than Avon and Amway. While those are still popular companies to sell with, there are numerous others that allow you to do everything from hosting trunk shows to putting on kitchen shows to giving friends and neighbors makeovers. You can use your business skills to organize successful events, which can make direct selling a lucrative side business.

Online Teaching
Thanks to the growing popularity of online learning, an increasing number of professionals are earning money teaching online. With your management expertise, you can seek out teaching positions with online business management degree programs, online business consultancies, and business management webinar services. Many educational sites pay by the class or seminar, making online teaching an excellent way to earn extra income.

Management periodicals, websites, and even consultancies regularly need people to write and edit content. Your experience in business management makes you a good candidate to provide freelance writing and editing services. You can earn money by the hour or by the project.

Home and Office Organizer
Good management begins with the ability to stay organized. That makes the burgeoning business of personal organizing a great fit for anyone with a management degree. People living and working in cramped spaces—along with people who simply lack the time to keep themselves organized—need personal organizers to help them get their belongings and spaces in order. You can start you own business as an organizer or join an organization business that links organizers with clients.

Virtual Assistant
When the workday ends, many people still need help arranging their schedules, booking travel, filing data, and taking care of other routine business tasks. These professionals often turn to a virtual assistant who handles their needs from a remote location. As a virtual assistant, you can work from home and set your own schedule, all while using your business skills.

eBay Middleman
Not every seller on eBay is selling his or her own wares. Through a number of websites, you can sign up to be an eBay middleman. Using your business management degree and skills, you can design and run auctions for another company’s goods. When a sale goes through, the company you’re selling for handles the shipping and gives you a percentage of the sale.

Affiliate Marketer
Even large businesses want recommendations. And many are willing to pay you for them. With affiliate marketing, you agree to promote a company and, in exchange, they provide you with your own URL. When anyone uses that URL to purchase products or services, you earn a commission. There is no cost to you except the time and energy you’re willing to spend promoting the company.

Life-Long Learning

Regardless of what line of business you’re in, advancing your education is always a smart decision. Through an online university, you can earn such in-demand degrees as an MS in Management and a PhD in Management. You can also earn graduate certificates in such fields as business management, advanced project management, and nonprofit management.

The right online management degree can open up a lot of opportunities. This is as true for your career as it is for your efforts to earn a second income.

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