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5 Ways to Be Happier at Work

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Work may be necessary, but that doesn’t mean it has to be … so much work. If you rarely enjoy what you do for a living, it may be time to make some changes. And though there are many elements within the workplace that are out of your control, there are some things you can do to improve the time you spend at your job. Here are a few things you can do to increase your happiness at work.

5 Ways to Be Happier at Work

Make It About You

Sure, you’re supposed to be all-in on the company’s success, but what good are you to the company if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing? To be happy with our jobs, we must be in it for ourselves. That doesn’t mean you should goof off or not care about company goals, but it does mean you should seek out personal meaning in addition to helping your company succeed. That can include finding satisfaction in your work friends or allowing yourself to feel a sense of accomplishment for winning accolades and promotions.

Assert Yourself

It’s your job—shouldn’t you have a say in what you do? If there are tasks that make you miserable or tasks you aren’t doing that you think you would enjoy and excel at, tell your manager. You may be surprised by how much you can tailor your job to meet your interests.

Help Others and Accept Others’ Help

You’re not in this alone. You almost certainly have colleagues, clients, vendors, or support staff you work with regularly. These people are team members, and your success is intertwined with theirs. If you make it a point to offer them help and accept their help when they offer it to you, you’ll likely feel more involved and more essential, which can help make you happier.

Be Positive

If you assume the worst, it’s really hard to be your best. Try starting your day with a positive affirmation rather than a groan or grumble and try ending your day by thinking about what you achieved rather than what went wrong. Additionally, avoid negative habits like eating junk food and never exercising. The more you model positivity, the more you’re likely to feel positive.

Change Jobs

Sometimes, a job just isn’t for you. If you think you’re in that situation, there’s nothing wrong with changing jobs. If you’re tied to your company, a move to a new department might do the trick. Of course, you can always consider a new employer, too. And if happiness is your goal, you might consider a company with a mission of social change. Working for an employer in the helping profession or that is focused on good work might provide a great backdrop for your happiness. Consider B Corporation companies and ones you know have a heart.

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1Source: Data for this analysis of job postings for professionals with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from January 1, 2017, to November 30, 2018, was retrieved using Burning Glass Technologies: Labor Insight™. Results for industry sectors and job titles are at the national level and may not reflect local and/or short-term job conditions and are subject to change.

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