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5 Creative Ideas for Attracting Top Employees

Explore how you can create a workforce full of talented employees as a business manager.

Creating a diverse workforce full of qualified, talented employees is a top priority for most business managers and leaders. But in order to attract the best of the best, employers need to appeal to today’s job seekers in less traditional ways than years prior. In addition to the evolving labor preferences of younger generations—such as millennials and Gen Zers—the COVID-19 pandemic also influenced how working adults approach and view potential employment opportunities. With these trends in mind, you can leverage some of the following ideas to make sure you continue bringing top talent into your organization as a business manager.


  1. Offer work-from-anywhere jobs.
    The COVID-19 pandemic prompted an unprecedented workplace shift that required millions of professionals to begin working remotely. Though this change initially required adjustment, the majority of adult workers reported that the transition was fairly easy, according to a survey by Pew Research Center. The survey also found that 54% of employed adults want to continue to work from home after the coronavirus outbreak ends.1 This indicates that—dependent upon the job type and responsibilities—business managers that offer telework opportunities will likely appeal to more candidates and tap into a deeper talent pipeline.
  2. Provide flexible scheduling.
    Each year, more working adults are looking for employment opportunities that do not adhere to the traditional 9–5 schedule. In fact, a 2018 report by Zenefits found that 73% of employees said flexible work hours increased their job satisfaction. In the same report, 78% said that flexible work hours also increased their productivity.2 With millennials poised to remain the largest generation in the U.S. labor force for years to come—a generation that demonstrates a strong preference for flexible scheduling—business managers looking to attract top talent shouldn’t overlook this sought-after benefit.
  3. Champion the four-day workweek.
    As with flexible scheduling and telework, working professionals are also leaning into the idea of a shortened workweek. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, countries around the world have begun testing the four-day workweek. However, workplace experiments centering on a 32-hour workweek were also conducted prior to 2020. In 2019, Microsoft Japan closed its offices every Friday for a month. The result? A 40% jump in productivity.3 As more data comes in that shows the benefits of a shorter workweek—for employers and employees alike—transitioning to four days on, three days off will be a great way for business managers to recruit productive candidates.
  4. Promote workplace diversity.
    In a 2019 ZipRecruiter survey, 86% of job seekers listed diversity in the workplace as an important factor when considering employment opportunities. The survey also showed that workplace diversity was more important to millennials and Generation Xers than employees from previous generations.4 And with Generation Z—the most ethnically and racially diverse generation yet—continuing to enter the workforce, this trend is expected to grow. If business managers want to stand out to top candidates, promoting a diverse environment is critical.
  5. Instill a sense of purpose.
    When employees feel a connection to the work they are doing and gain a sense a purpose, good things happen. Research shows that on the employee side, workers become more fulfilled, engaged, and productive. In fact, even their health shows signs of improvement in areas such as mood, memory, executive function, cognition, and even longevity. On the employer side, companies with a connection to their purpose realize higher margins, greater innovation, stronger market performance, and increased employee tenure.5

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