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Building a Fresh Digital Marketing Plan

Focus on Your Digital Marketing Plan for Improved Company Results

Just when you think your digital marketing strategy covers every area of opportunity you can imagine, something in the market changes. Emerging technology, hot trends, and even new industry data can leave your online marketing plans feeling outdated. As a marketing professional, one way to stay ahead of the curve is to put some thought and consideration into what industry experts have to say about what lies ahead for digital marketing. Here are just a few of our favorite tips:

Voice-Controlled Interfaces. Whether your consumers are inquiring about Alexa, Cortana, Siri, or another of their thoughtful friends, the fact remains that intelligent voice-prompted assistants are becoming a part of everyday life. In fact, according to Google, by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice inquiries. Make sure your digital marketing efforts are structured so that yours is the answer people hear.

Building a Fresh Digital Marketing Plan

Go Along for the Journey. How do your prospects become customers? What is their experience like? What happens to prospects once they become customers? It’s all about the ever-important customer journey, and your digital marketing efforts should make a welcomed appearance at every step of the way.

Lights, Camera, Action! It’s no secret that videos can engage your market, but you may want to polish things up by replacing your homemade videos with professionally produced productions. Don’t forget, you can even optimize your videos for search and boost your search rankings as well.

Data is King. Big Data isn’t just for the big players any more. Thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, businesses have access to thousands of pieces of customer data. In order to stay competitive, be sure you are incorporating data into your decision-making.

Capture Their Micro-Moments. How often do you find yourself grabbing your device for a quick answer? You’re not alone. These ‘quick grabs’ of information are known as micro-moments. In the months ahead, companies that can understand and capitalize on these spur-of-the-moment inquiries are likely to find great success.

Regardless of which components you choose to focus on, take the time to create a digital marketing plan that interacts with prospects and customers in fresh and engaging ways. And if you want to enhance your skills as a marketer, consider furthering your education with a master's degree. A great way to dive deeper into the latest trends while also building a lifelong network of professional marketing colleagues is by earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or MS in Marketing degree from Walden University.

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