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Why should I go to graduate school?

With an increasing number of hiring managers and corporations favoring candidates with masters’ degrees, graduate-level education is becoming imperative for professional advancement. For working adults looking to boost their career and increase their knowledge and skills, but unable to leave their day jobs attend school full-time, an online master’s degree program may be the best avenue.

“It developed my analytical mind in a way that college didn’t, because I was 18-years-old, and when I started at Walden, I was 48,” recalls Barbara Hanson, a graduate of Walden’s MS in Mental Health Counseling. As an older student, returning to school to enroll in an online master’s degree program, Barbara had years of professional experience under her belt, and with it, a different outlook on life and education.

“I found a new voice that was 48 years old,” Barbara says. “Only through graduate school at Walden and the rigorous academic program was that voice brought out.”

Hear what Barbara has to say about pursuing an online master’s degree at Walden University.

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