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Earn Your Degree Faster With an Accelerated Master’s Program

On campus and online, working adults are earning their master’s degrees in half the time with accelerated master’s degree programs.

If you’re considering earning your bachelor’s degree, you may also be thinking about continuing on to earn your graduate degree as well. After all, it’s well documented that those holding a master’s degree earn more than those holding a bachelor’s degree.*

But do you really have time to pursue a bachelor’s degree, then a master’s degree?

Earn Your Degree Faster With an Accelerated Master’s Program

You do if you earn them both at the same time—which is possible with an accelerated master’s program!

What is an accelerated master’s program?

Ideal for working adults, degree programs that are accelerated allow students to simultaneously pursue two degrees at once. Accelerated master’s programs provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to concurrently earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees, saving both time and money.

How does an accelerated master’s degree program work?

On campus or online, accelerated master’s degree programs typically work the same way. A student selects a master’s degree program that is eligible for acceleration and begins taking the required undergraduate classes. When it’s time to choose electives, he or she selects authorized graduate courses to begin satisfying accelerated master’s degree requirements.

What are the advantages of an accelerated master’s program?

There’s no shortage of benefits when it comes to accelerated master’s degree programs.

  • You can save time.
    Depending on the program you choose, you may be able to complete your master’s degree in half the time. Most master’s degree programs take 2 years to complete, while many accelerated master’s programs require just 1 additional year of study after students complete their bachelor’s degree.
  • You can save money.
    Whether you choose to study on campus or online, an accelerated master’s degree program could potentially save you up to a year of tuition. Depending on the institution you select, this could add up to thousands of dollars in savings.
  • You can gain a competitive edge.
    When it comes to résumés, graduate degrees grab potential employers’ attention—and keep it. A master’s degree can give you an edge over job candidates who didn’t continue their education past the bachelor’s level.
  • You can increase your earning potential and lower your potential for unemployment.
    Aside from the ability to earn more with a master’s degree, you can begin earning sooner if you earned your master’s degree in an accelerated program. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, along with a higher level of education come increased earnings and a decreased likelihood that you will become unemployed.*

Why choose Walden University for your accelerated master’s degree program?

Early childhood studies to public policy and administration, Walden University, an accredited online university, features a growing number of accelerated master’s degree programs in its Accelerate Into Master’s (AIM) option.

Many students, especially busy working adults, choose Walden’s convenient online format because it saves them the need to travel to class. Everything you would do in a traditional classroom—discussions, assignments, exams, and much more—can be completed from the comfort of home, on your own schedule, making Walden’s accelerated master’s degree programs ideal for those who must balance work and family commitments.

Interested in saving time and money by earning your bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the same time? Explore how Walden’s online accelerated master’s degree programs can conveniently fit into your life and make your career goals a reality.

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Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission,