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How Human Resources Teams Can Prepare for a Recession

Learn how you and your team of HR managers and professionals can better prepare for when a recession hits.

HR managers and leaders play an important role in overseeing business operations and managing employees. Unfortunately, business doesn’t always run smoothly and successfully—especially in the face of a recession. And when an economic downturn looms, it’s more important than ever for HR managers to be prepared. Below, we outline tips from HR Magazine on how you and your team of HR professionals can get ready for the next recession.1

  • Recessions tend to cycle about every 7 to 8 years, and the U.S. economy is due for the next one. According to the article, HR departments should be preparing for the painful layoffs and job changes that can come with a downturn.
  • The HR department should start now by reviewing operations. Metrics and records have added importance when it comes time to decide which operations and personnel are crucial to the operation. They can also point toward more painless cuts and ways to increase efficiency.
  • HR also needs a plan for managing the staff. Flexibility with allocating employees is imperative and that takes planning. It helps to know where outsourcing might be a better option and how employees with multiple skill sets can best be utilized. Understanding staff needs to make the right cuts the first time also helps the company avoid repeated rounds of layoffs that can be even more demoralizing.
  • It is important to show respect, too. Employees need to feel informed, appreciated, and understood. Develop those relationships before the problems strike, and then extra effort will be needed to maintain those relationships through the dark times.

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