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MS in Criminal Justice: Interesting Specializations to Consider

Find a career you love by choosing a master’s in criminal justice specialization in an area you enjoy.

An MS in Criminal Justice from Walden University offers a number of specializations to help you better define your career. No matter what line of work you are interested in, there is probably a specialization to match your interests in the field. Let’s look at just a few of the interesting specializations you can pursue when earning an MS in Criminal Justice.

Law and Public Policy
Criminal justice professionals come to understand how public policy is created and implemented within law enforcement. If you choose an MS in Criminal Justice specialization in Law and Public Policy, you will examine court cases, discover how public policy practitioners conduct legal research, and be introduced to fundamentals as well as trends in public policy.

MS in Criminal Justice: Interesting Specializations to Consider

Emergency Management
It is critical that professionals with the right education and training be involved when disasters strike. An Emergency Management specialization can help you learn how to build a team of emergency responders who are well versed in helping communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters.

Homeland Security Policy and Coordination
Homeland security policy and coordination professionals strike a balance between keeping people safe without infringing on their rights. An MS in Criminal Justice with a specialization in Homeland Security Policy and Coordination can prepare you to work in many areas. From immigration or infrastructure to election security or disaster response, this specialization will help you gain the skills necessary to succeed as a leader in the complex world of homeland security.

Terrorism, Mediation, and Peace
Another interesting criminal justice specialization is Terrorism, Mediation, and Peace. This specialization focuses on the causes of terrorism, including what drives someone to commit terrorist acts. It also looks at ways to prevent terrorism and how to respond to terrorism. A specialization in Terrorism, Mediation, and Peace can provide the career focus necessary for you to help individuals feel safe from a terrorist attack.

Public Management and Leadership
If you’re interested in managing change in public organizations, a specialization in Public Management and Leadership is a good choice to consider. You will have the opportunity to study topics such as communications, criminal justice research, ethics, and social justice. Plus, if you’re earning your degree from Walden University, this specialization is offered in a course-based or competency-based learning format. The competency-based format allows students to progress at their own pace and be measured by a variety of assessments, versus the standard course-based learning format.

An MS in Criminal Justice is a versatile degree, and these are just a few areas in which you can focus your studies. Additionally, earning a master’s degree in criminal justice online from an accredited university can be a great way to pursue an area of study you love without disrupting your life. An online degree program lets you take classes from anywhere you want on a schedule that meets your needs.

Whether you are interested in cybercrimes, emergency management, law and public policy, or other areas, earning an MS in Criminal Justice can position you to work on global or local challenges and help keep others safe.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering an MS in Criminal Justice degree program online. Earn your degree in a flexible, convenient online format that fits your schedule and your life.

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