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What Is Alexithymia?

Find out how to spot the signs of this trait when you earn a MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and prepare to become a licensed clinical mental health counselor.

A licensed clinical mental health counselor encounters patients with a broad range of mental health disorders and personality traits. To work with these patients and have the qualifications to treat the gamut of mental health disorders, counselors must earn advanced mental health degrees and receive the proper training.

One lesser-known condition you might encounter as a clinical mental health counselor treating patients is alexithymia.

What Is Alexithymia?

A Confusing Condition

Alexithymia translates literally to mean “no words for feelings,” and patients with this condition have difficulty verbalizing their emotions or thoughts.1 This subclinical cognitive-affective impairment affects individuals’ ability to interpret their own emotional experiences, and it is estimated that about 1 in 10 people in the general population fall on the alexithymia spectrum, with significantly higher incidence levels among people with autism. Many people with alexithymia have neither autism nor psychopathic disorders and may be prone to difficulties having close relationships.

Other symptoms of alexithymia can include:2

  • Difficulty identifying different types of feelings
  • Limited understanding of what causes feelings
  • Difficulty recognizing facial cues in others 
  • Limited or rigid imagination
  • Constricted style of thinking
  • Hypersensitive to physical sensations
  • Detached or tentative connection to others  

For a licensed clinical mental health counselor, recognizing the symptoms of alexithymia is key to providing the proper treatment for a patient with this condition. To measure alexithymia, many professionals use the 20-item Toronto Alexithymia Scale (TAS-20), which helps experts assess a patient’s difficulty identifying feelings in the self, difficulty describing feelings, and externally oriented thinking style—the three components of alexithymia.3

Patients with a high TAS-20 score may be considered poor candidates for psychotherapy and be at higher risk for other psychological disorders.

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